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  1. Unfortunately it's a common typo on his surname. Guess this first print will be worth a lot of money in the future!
  2. I came here for this thread. Thanks for the update, can't wait to get my biiiig box!
  3. I feel a bit annoyed by this decision, but not at the point of asking to not release it at all. That's why I voted for "Release it with some restrictions (streaming, low res, with game only, etc...)".
  4. One thing let me down (one and one only): the lack of real puzzles. Therefore I voted "I feel that something was missing". I'm sure there's still plenty of time to fix this point within the second half.
  5. How old is your daughter? Mine is four and she's begging me to play "the cartoon with the boy". And my wife loves the gorgeous graphics. 18 months old!
  6. It's a lovely game, made by lovely people. Thanks for delivering, we will enjoy every moment of it, me and my wife (oh yes, and my little daughter , who's been watching us playing yesterday with a very curious face).
  7. Oh really? That's why characters look so pixellated! Blade Runner is one of the few good tie in's around.
  8. There was something similar in Cruise for a Corpse and maybe GK3 (damn, too many years have passed).
  9. Dear Oliver, thanks for sharing this. Can't wait for the next update! :lol: About the old school mode, pleas leave it to the indie scene. All we need is a pure new adventure, with good hi-res graphics.
  10. I think these are 2 well separated things. One is the kickstart funding (which ended already and was very well advertised everywhere) and the other is the Pre-order thinghie. You can give some discount for the preorders or think about a special gadget to offer, but giving a good part of what a backer earned before is a bit too much, and sounds not so fair, imho. You've always said not to be expecting such huge success, aren't we enough for you anymore?
  11. I'm afraid to play the beta, although it shouldn't be so far from the final game. If it'll cover the start of the game, why not?
  12. I remember having nightmares about Monkey Island 2, being chased by Lechuck and trying to solve impossible puzzles.
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