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  1. he’s the worst but also the best.
  2. these cats are amazing, i love them all ((keep em coming)) ——— this is oscar, my other cat. we rescued him about this time last year. he’s really old and spends most of his time napping or limping around yelling about snacks.
  3. aww she’s so cute! what’s her name and astrological sign
  4. i love seeing scott work, this is awesome.
  5. here’s keycat, i love her even though she steals like 98% of my pillow every night
  6. hi everyone, it’s me, sarah, back again i miss the earnest enthusiasm of windows 95 era microsoft wordart and i really like carbohydrates i also miss actual internet forums, don’t you ???
  7. in this corner of the world made me ugly cry yesterday
  8. hey guys post more im bored

    i just locked myself out of my account on the first effort to remember my password because my browser glitched all crazy, can you believe it
  9. hey guys post more im bored

  10. hey guys post more im bored

    1. i saw what you did 2. HOW, i tried for two minutes and can't figure it out
  11. dfaf in the kitchen

    oooh, i love seeing recipes for homemade sauces. and feddlefew, wow! i love baking, i can't wait to try ganache on a cake. i sound like a huge weenie but i totally appreciate you guys sharing. i love food and making food.
  12. hey guys post more im bored

    i'm about to be a whole new woman
  13. i thought it would be cool to have a thread for sharing recipes -- i love to cook and am always looking to try new things. i don't eat meat, but if you do and want to incorporate it into either of these recipes, i'm sure chicken or pork would work great. this ramen recipe is one of my favorites. if you make a batch of the soup base (which is miso, spices and some other stuff) you can freeze that and have it on hand for whenever. this is like a special occasion dish at my house. http://pinchofyum.com/homemade-spicy-ramen-with-tofu i live enchiladas, and i use this recipe pretty much every time i make them. tbh, i skip making the sauce from scratch because the 15oz enchilada sauce cans are quicker and i like the way they taste anyways. they are very filling. http://www.thegardengrazer.com/2014/07/black-bean-avocado-enchiladas.html?m=1 what do y'all like to cook?
  14. hey guys post more im bored

    yeah. i threw out the egg wash i used on the first one and didn't feel like wasting another egg on the lil uggos. i wish my rank or whatever it's called could be pie mama that would be the best
  15. hey guys post more im bored

    did you see my edit to that post with the pie babies ?