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  1. It's a game featuring Jack Black, heavy metal and really big cars. And it's made by Tim Schafer. Only way it could possibly be any better if it was for free, and came with your own personal army of metalheads that did your bidding. That, or ice cream. If it came with ice cream, it be really awesome-er too. Or, geeze I dunno... if there was... say, a video of Jack and Tim doing voice work mysteriously mailed to me... that make it more awesome too. Or a personal message aimed at me(Generic Double fine Forum member) and only me(Generic Double fine Forum member).
  2. This... sucks. Terry's a great, great author and very much not full of himself, which is hard considering how great he actually is. I hope he'll live a long time before the badness kicks in, and once it does, that it's quick and relatively free of suffering for him and his family.
  3. Sub-par projects? Davinq, ye of little faith! This is Joss. Joss Whedon. He made Buffy. And we saw that it was good. He made Angel. And we saw that it was good. He made Firefly. And we saw that it was totally friggin AWESOME on toast with peanutbutter. He made Serenity. And we saw that it was also pretty damn shiny. He will make Dollhouse... I wonder what we will see.... Seriously. This is Joss. He's, like, one part of the holy trinity. It's Joss Whedon, Tim Schafer and Eris. All that is good in the world, in one simple, aesthetically pleasing geometric shape of ASS KICKING! The trinity can't fail us. It's infallible, untouchable, indestructible. It's three avatars of holy vengeance and smiting!
  4. This game desperately cries for one man, one man... to lick it all. One man... to throw all the robot bunnies into the fan. One man.... to lift all the cars. One man.... to jump the gorge. One man... to rock them all. One man.... named Ben! Seriously, this game needs polecats. Or, if pesky copyright laws try to stop you, a thinly-veiled pastiche. Like... Bill Acceleration and StickDogs.
  5. Fallout: one of the first and only open-ended RPG's I know, featuring a great, original, sprawling story, deep and well-thought out NPC's, dark gallows humor and splendid voice acting from guys like Ron Perlman and Richard Dean Anderson coupled with a very vibrant, detailed world. It was innovative and new then, and it's still a very playable classic today. (The sequel was equally classic, but it was really just more of the same that made Fallout so great) Prince of Persia, sands of time: For showing us how a real remake should be done, and bringing with it a truly artistic style of storytelling, staggering levels, both in design and fluid complexity, along with clever puzzles. Half-Life 2: While it's predecessor was certainly a landmark, the sequel is to me where Valve made themselves truly great. With a story that was not only good, but also conveyed purely through a real-time first person narrative, and one of the most iconic and innovative weapons of the modern shooter age (The gravity gun) Half-Life 2 is to me the very definition of a shooter done right. Portal: While I'm not sure Portal would be counted in among the same franchise as Half-Life, the innovative puzzles, creative design and humor really should count it among one of the best games so far. Deus Ex: Warren Spector epic fps is certainly one of the most engaging ones to date. Utilizing a then creative approach to level design that allowed both gunho rambo attacks and stealth to equal measure, DX took on an truly epic journey through a conspiracy rich world, where the end allowed us to chose the very fate of the world itself. Motivation enough?
  6. Perhaps there could be a cheat/unlockable that makes the hotrod look like the bone wagon, assuming there's no copyright?
  7. I find it strange people think they have a right to tell me it's not alright to like boys, eat meat on Sunday or have sex with girls before I marry them because some dude wrote it in a book two thousand years ago. But they do, and that's their deal. Personally, I agree with you that's it's silly and odd, but if that's what they want, that's what they want. 'Course, I'm gonna be showering myself in demonic gore the minute I get this puppy (On PC, please, publisher/developer guy/gal in charge of this. There's a shiny candy wrapper with little sparkly gold-thingies in it for you)
  8. Is Fallout any less violent when people just bleed instead of having half their ribcage knocked out from under them by a mechanic knuckleduster? (The powerfist is my baby, because it turns my character into a guy that slaughters supermutants with a single punch. I laugh at Bruce Lee and his one-inch board breaking punch. The powerfist makes peoples head explode!) So yeah, it's probably 'less' violent. Mostly because I suspect there's gonna be a fair amount of attacks that are purely slashes without dismemberment, gutting or some other form of graphical violence in it's full glory.
  9. The idea of selling a evolution-based game to what appears to be fanatic conservative Christians makes me smile. Really wide. And while I agree that a person who doesn't like the idea of even contemplating that anybody didn't belive in their man in the sky shouldn't be buying a game who's main focus is Greek mythology, I have to say that the question of gore is a bit less extreme. Is gore a big part? Yes. Do I want it? Hell yes. Is is absolutely needed for the game to be an enjoyable experience? .... not so sure. As the existence of this thread proves, there is apparently at least one Double-Finian who doesn't like excessive gore. But I'm pretty sure they still wanna play Brutal legend, so if the developers have the time (If they do, shame on them, back to work giving me flamethrowers and facemelting solos!) why not implement a way for those people to play a still enjoyable game too? It makes sense from a business perspective. Wider market appeal=More sales. More sales=More money for kickass video game developing. And yes, Fallout rules. Nothing makes me more happy then being a barefist fighting pornstar anti-slaver mercenary in a post-apocalyptic world.
  10. Another suggestion: flamethrowers on that hotroad of yours. Perhaps not right away, but as an upgrade. Maybe they come out the sides of your massive exhaust pipes on the side, shooting massive arches of flamey goodness to all the people at your side, thus saving you from the trouble of actually aiming when you try to run somebody over! Also, woot, sticky thread. Yay. Now I want a free shirt. Please? Pretty please? I'll wear one of those playboy bunny ears and send the picture into that bunny section of the wanted ads if you give me a free shirt. Or a yoyo. Hell, I'd do it for a button set. Or an autograph (From Tim, preferably, but I'd make do with the scribbled signature of a random intern)
  11. While having a on/off switch is good for lowering that rating, thus getting all those family friendly entertainment dollars, Brutal legend strikes me as being a game that should be gore-filled. Because it's a game about heavy metal, rock n roll and decapitating people with an axe. Decapitating people only to have them shower you with their sweat isn't exactly heavy metal-ish to me. So while I don't object to a gore switch (You wanna play without blood, play without blood, no skin off my nose) I ain't gonna use it. But then again, this thread isn't about what I want, now is it? Personally, I think anything that makes the game more accessible to people without degrading or lowering the experience for those who want it anyway is a great thing. More people can play it, more people will buy it, Double Fine will make more money and I won't have to stand things I don't want in my game, cause I just do like I did in Fallout and crank that gore dial up to Maximum and pick the bloody mess trait. So you get your puppies while I get to go knee-deep in evil demon gore. Everybody wins!
  12. As a guy who just spent around 900 dollars on ordering a new computer (8500 Swedish kronor, for those who care to check with today's exchange rates for a more accurate number) I too, would very much love to see Brutal Legend on the PC. As for the whole OS thing, I'd say that a dual-boot Windows/Unix based OS is the way to go. Any Linux OS is stable as shit, there's tons of tips and tricks on how to do what, software that does anything Windows software does, sometimes better, and it's pretty much all free. And I doubt there's more then five Linux viruses out there. All while the Windows system runs all the games. All for the "Relatively" cheap price of the windows operative system. Still, Macs are neat, stylish little things, but they're just far too expensive, especially when your on the tight, tight budget of a student.
  13. There's a member 665 and a member 667. So, it could be that the software is programmed with superstition and skips 666. Just like hotel rooms. Either that, or the evil monkey that lives in my pants stole it.
  14. Yes! A powerful synthplayer uses his control of music to lull Eddie into a nightmare sleep, where he must battle his boyband pop twin in a light, happy, sickly sweet land of white, bunnies and vain cheerleaders that are not from hell.
  15. Come on, I can't be the only one who has some cool idea they wanna see in Brutal legend, so I figured I'd try to create a single thread to house all the neat or weird suggestions we come up with between now and that oh so distant release date. Also makes it easier for the Dev's to actually find our ideas. (Developer gratitude can be sent in the form of free DoubleFine merchandise to 666 fierce road, Australia (Aka the land down under. Get it? Huh? Ya get it? Cause it's like, hell. Well, not really, I mean Australia is a kinda cool country but... whatever)) Anyhow, I do have a suggestion. We already have an axe in the game. And we also have a magic guitar. Wouldn't it be cool if, at some point in the game, these two totally awesome items combine to form a item that is even more awesome then the sum of it's parts? So you'd have like a guitar, but when Eddie swings it by the neck, these hugely over-sized blades come out from the body. That way, you won't have to put your axe away when you start playing those sweet facemelting riffs of rock n roll megadeath!
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