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  1. Just for the record the merit badges would DEFINITELY be best as patches. EVERY fan would buy them because ANYONE that's a fan is crazy about the game and I'm not joking.
  2. “Oh no, Goggalor is headed for the orphanage! ... No, wait, that wasn’t the orphanage! ... Oh no, that WAS the Orphanage! ... Goggalor got the Puppy Orphanage! ... I HATE you, Goggalor!”
  3. Holy shit! I never thought of the Merit Badges! That sounds kickass! Hell I'd buy the whole bookbag!
  4. I feel that I'm speaking for many people when I say Eddie Rigg's belt buckle. Maybe even Razputin's goggles? Regardless I know I'm spending a lot of money here in the future on a few certain shirts.
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