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    I'm new here. As I said in my intro, I like pickles, octopus, and chocolates with pop-rocks nestled inside. I also like to make things. With my hands. Because my hands are quite handy like that. Dreaming of merit badges in the DF shop one day. That, and restocked Whispering Rock shirts in my size. I won an inflatable unicorn bopping mallet at the local street fair. It smells horrible, like burned rubber. I hit people with it. They hit me with their inflatable unicorn bopping mallets. The wor
  1. Amazing how distracting summer can be. Between all the tie-dye, the dental work, the blood-donating, the yard sales to get rid of useless junk, the visiting of yard sales to buy more useless junk than I had before, the Tetris marathons, the blacklight parties,.. Does it count as a good deed when you fix a coin jam in an arcade machine? As I waited for my pizza, I thought I'd play a 25 cent game only to discover that there was a nasty coin jam. I asked the manager, but apparently nobody cared for the poor machine anymore. So, I asked for a paperclip. After about 10 minutes, I had gotten my single quarter back, with 9 credits now loaded into the machine. The pizza was ready. At that point, a kid came in, begging his mom for a quarter. He was pretty surprised to see that the game was already loaded with more than enough credits for him to play, and he just said "Never mind~!" In other words, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or summer vacation if you're still in school)! And now I vanish for another few weeks...
  2. It's thundering. Thunder is so nice.. I also recently discovered how much I love limes. Lime flavor is nice, too.
  3. I'll contribute again by stating the obvious in a questioning tone?
  4. I was at a lovely restaurant yesterday. They had a nice chocolate fountain, so I thought I'd try it out. Right as I skewered a strawberry and prepared to drizzle it under the flowing chocolate, some little kid ran up and stuck his hand into the fountain. It didn't end there. The kid started to lick his hand of all the chocolately goodness. ...Then he put his hand back into the fountain and repeated this act several times. I walked off with my naked skewered strawberry and ate a bare almond cookie instead.
  5. Very awesome. You make me want to ink again~
  6. Posting again for great justice. The forum looks trippy through green/magenta 3-D glasses..
  7. I saw your typo~ With me, it was accidental. Years ago, I met a girl on my schoolbus who was being made fun of by other kids. They called her rather rude stereotypical names, and let's just say I defended her. We became friends, but tragedy struck her own host family when her host mother had to undergo surgery. Due to this, the family couldn't keep her around anymore. She was really upset about it, since she had only been in America for two weeks, and she had to go home so soon. So, her host family spoke with my family, since she and I had become such good friends so quickly. So, my family decided to host her for the year. The next day, as we sat together on the schoolbus, I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies the following weekend. She sadly said that she couldn't, since she had to go back to Vietnam. I then informed her that she wasn't leaving, since my family decided to host her instead. She started crying and said she was so happy and relieved.. So, touched by that, we agreed to host students for the rest of my school years. It went into my college years a bit, when our own family had reasons to stop hosting for a while. But, now we're hosting again. ...But, normally, you simply contact an area representative of one of many foreign exchange companies and put your name on their list, and they'll send you profiles on potential students to take in.
  8. Thailand. Not sure if Thailand has regions where it snows or not, but from her introduction letter, she's never seen real snow in her life. It also says that her family survived the recent tsunami, but the host family that said they'd host her rudely backed out of it with no explanation other than "We can't do it right now.".. Either way, I'm excited to be a host sister again. We haven't hosted a student in well over a year.
  9. Proud to say that we (being my family and I) just found out that we'll be hosting our 9th foreign exchange student. She wants to see snow, so I really hope it snows this winter!
  10. Happy birthday! I'll eat noodles in your honor tonight.
  11. Was it on the DVD? I thought it was an extra on the DVD for another movie in the series. Either way, I'm talking about the first (theatrical) release. It's so weird, since I remember the exact clip Rosie O'Donnell showed that one afternoon before the opening weekend. I actually miss the hype of it all, to tell the truth. There was just something surreal and annoying about it that I loved. For example, you go to a flea market, and you're suddenly drowning in a sea of bootleg pocket monsters. Ah, memories..
  12. I'm assuming this is about Ambertwo? I always loved how sad and creepy that story was, but they completely cut it from the release in the states. The radio drama, of course, revealed more plot in relation to certain characters. *assuming due to the fact that, at the moment, youtube won't load for me.
  13. I suppose that this is technically a meteor shower this time. It's chunks of Halley's comet. Either way, enjoy it if you get the chance! XP Link, yay.
  14. Hope everyone enjoys the meteorite shower this week! Too cloudy tonight, but I saw a few last night.
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