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  1. Was that just one giant tangent, or did I miss what you were aiming for?
  2. Unfortunately, the theory of quantum entanglement is quite a bit different from what you are talking about. What a number of people run into is the philosophy versus the reality. For example, Plato had the Allegory of the Cave which, in many cases, properly represented human perception but was mistakenly used to represent the many facets of reality. The logic is sound but invalid due to the lack of information. We can postulate on the possibilities, but can only rely on conjecture via correlative data until we have filled in the knowledge to solidify the theory. One thing that humans fail to realize is that we are already manipulating our world. We take our creations for granted but, if you look around at everything, from a building to a vehicle, these items would not exist if not for our manipulation of the universe. So, with each generation comes greater knowledge. Greater knowledge leads to greater understanding. Greater understanding inevitably leads to greater manipulation. We are the builders. We are the architects. We are the creators. We are gods in our own minds. Edit: I was thinking about while sitting at work and figured I would throw a hypothesis at y'all (Excuse the Texan slang). First off, one thing people tend to focus on when talking about psychic powers, is the ability to manipulate matter. If you truly think about it, perhaps the greatest culmination of sentience to date is the manipulation of matter via our biological systems. Life is an incredibly unique occurrence in our universe, melding the manipulation of matter with that of consciousness. If you consider it further, the fact that life exists at all, let alone develops into a state of self-awareness, is remarkable. So, if we follow that line of thinking, the next possible stage of evolution for humanity would not be only the physical attributes, but an awakening of consciousness and self-awareness that borders on the culmination of mind, body and environment.
  3. Not so much. Quantum entanglement deals with a connection on a quantum level between two particles. For example, you have a connection between particle A on Earth and particle B on Mars. If you alter the state of A, it alters the state of B. It will not, however, alter any other particle but the one it is connected to. For example: Particle A is altered, reversing particle B, but not Particle C. It is very basic and forms the foundation of quantum computation, which is nothing more than a computer that can answer two questions simultaneously rather than one at a time. The best metaphor I can give is comparing the manipulation of the one particle to a super-hero and their superpowers. Let's say the super-hero (particle A) has super strength (particle B). He can only ever have super strength (particle B), but not the ability to fly (particle C). So he can only ever be affected by his strength, or his strength ever affect him. Of course, this raises the interesting topic of matter-energy interaction when attempting to discern the origin of sentience and that which drives conscious.
  4. Perhaps they could throw in a transparent overlay that only shows when you press a specific button. That way it allows to pull up the map for spot checking, but doesn't remove us from the total immersion if we choose not to use it. Personal improvements: This is going off very limited play time, so if I say something that is already in the game, forgive me. 1. Voice updates from infantry on their status. 2. Overlay map. 3. Upgradeable stage defenses that are automatically manned. 4. Co-op: Perhaps two-players for one army/stage, allowing for more teamwork for those whom prefer it without creating two separate bases. Not really much I can recommend, as this game is exceedingly well designed with a unique gameplay that is hard to adjust without ruining the immersion.
  5. A compilation CD would be awesome. Oooh...follow it up with character action figures and I'll be like a little kid in a very deranged candy store.
  6. The concept you are talking about is MMI or mind-matter interaction theory. Essentially, it states that conscious thought is the controlling factor in the universal construct that is matter when it comes to the physical plain. Because you focus on it, it acts as you would perceive it to, but when not consciously thought of, the particle acts as it would traditionally. From a design standpoint, this is incredibly intuitive in the development of the universe, as it allows the rise of consciousness without disrupting the regular developmental flow. Whenever my high-school students began to lose focus, I would use this concept to bring them back to the task at hand. For those of you whom are curious: the easiest test for this, rather than the random number generator, is the simple coin toss. Yes, the chances of being right are infinitely more likely but, if properly broken down, all decisions that are made in our universe can be broken down to binary code, or the simple yes or no answer, thus the coin, being a physical representation of a conscious act our brain already adheres to, is far easier to manipulate collectively. In the four months of time I tested this theory on my class, we flipped the coin 317 times and were correct 317 times. Most theorists whom attempt this utilize the RNG system, or random-number-generator, to show the affects of mind-matter interaction. Unfortunately, this is rather misleading, as the matter is no so much affected as the act of chance, which borders on the manipulation of underlying dimensions. It's all very easy to conceptualize, but hard to explain.
  7. (gasp) I knew it! DAMN YOU, SQUIRRELKIN! (grabs the guns and goes "Huntin'")
  8. Speaking of new craziness, is there anybody by chance that wouldn't mind training someone new to multi-player? I'd love to get in a few games over Xbox Live, but the general xbox community leads me to want to smack people.
  9. Bah, y'all are killin' my fun here. But I still stand behind my game ideas. I'm on my third play-through of Brutal Legend and, with DOuble-FIne, I've finally found a company I liken to the quality of Blizzard (pre-WoW) and all that. SO forgive the hyper-activity and craziness. It's a signature of mine. =P
  10. Thank yas. I'll keep the bubble-gum chewing to a minimum. But I won't promise anything. Contract with the bunnies and all that. Don't mention anything. Lil' buggers can hear for miles.
  11. If you're put off by that I can always pretend to be more lucid. But I don't promise it'll last. (wink)
  12. (grins) I'm like a moth to butter.
  13. Well! I see how it is! No bubble-gum for you. (sniffs and walks off) On second thought...I'm making your comment my signature! (sniffles) Such an emotional moment. I can't help it. Someone find me a bunny so I can blow my nose.
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