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  1. Sorry, For being such an ass (So says this guy)

    Uh, for those of us who don't know, what is the risk play?
  2. Favorite solo to play?

    Doviculus in a walk. They sound and look the coolest, because he actually uses multiple guitar necks on some. His Summon Car solo is TOPS. Also, the end scenes where he summons the boss monster for the last stage battle, and then summons lots of Battle Nuns and other lesser minions in the final melee fight are rockin', even if the actual music played is just an amalgamation of his solos from the stage battles. That first part where he plays Chains of Hell to start the summoning... I still get chills down my spine when I see/hear that.

    Not to be the rain on your parade, but: how do you know? That said, I do hope you're right.

    Well, Can, that's pretty good news. I am just hoping they can keep that vibe and learn all the lessons a BL sequel would have learned. I can live without the adventure mode... though that's a sorer loss than you'd think. I really liked the campaign and wanted more of it. At the end of the day I'm glad to see DF survive and continue. I really am! I just really, really, really wanted a sequel to BL.

    The kiss of death: TIM! TIM BUDDY! YOU HAD US! YOU HAD US! WHYYYYY...
  6. x

    I think anyone can interrupt after the second A, unless the third hit is also A. I'm almost 100% sure that anyone can interrupt any combo after the third A, no matter what the fourth hit is.
  7. Brutal Legend is stuck at the Loading screen

    I see. Thanks for the prompt response!
  8. Brutal Legend is stuck at the Loading screen

    Zack (ozuri), I am a 360 owner, but have definitely felt the frustration of the PS3 owners in a different situation (not relating to BL, but a different game). Thanks for your support in this. As I have actually been peripherally involved in the industry I knew about the disconnect you described above. I know we fans may not seem like it sometimes, but one of the biggest reasons we get as concerned over this stuff as we do is that we really like the game and want it to be perfect. We hope you will continue your support. Speaking of that: if you can't comment on it, so be it, but do you have any future multiplayer balance patches in pipeline? Or ready to go but waiting on approval?
  9. Interesting article on the development of Brutal Legend

    The thing is, it is very easy for us to sit here and throw rocks at how EA and Double Fine handled the promos and presentation more than a year ago. That's hindsight, and as the saying goes it's always 20/20. Truth be told, EA probably focus-grouped their ad program, and they may well have even gotten input and feedback from Double Fine. The decision to keep the ARTS elements out of the limelight was probably made on both sides, perhaps sourced more in EA but unquestionably with some input from DF. Why? Because console RTS' are unpopular. It's an ugly truth. In 2-5 years, online game mags like Gamespot and IGN will probably be praising BL for being visionary and ahead of its time. However, perception isn't fair. EA and DF (perhaps more the former) made a gamble about perception and reaction, and they missed the call big time. It burned them badly early on. Now BL has actually done respectably well in sales, but EA has clearly already folded their hand and gotten up from the table, while DF is almost certainly still willing to support the game (fixing the PS3 save problem and at least one more balance patch f.e.). At the end of the day all we can say is, "Dang it, it didn't work out as well as it could." If nothing else, the eventual sales of BL have made sure that more people were introduced to Double Fine's excellent style and might seek it out again. Sequel? Maybe, I'd like one, but not likely. Future better games that don't go through as many massive sea-changes as BL did in pre-production and test? Almost certainly. We'll have to be content with that.
  10. Interesting article on the development of Brutal Legend

    ? Other than the execrable video quality. But it's a decent sampling of interesting early-story snippets and a hint of epic-ness to be found in the game. Was that not EA-sourced?After having seen the rest of the Jack Black Brutal Thoughts videos, all I can say is... well, actually a couple of them weren't bad. But most have no gameplay! NONE. Seriously, who thought that up? JB's funny and witty and all, but SHOW SOME OF WHAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO BUY. I mean come on!
  11. Interesting article on the development of Brutal Legend

    Are you sure? That's about a minute and 30 seconds of Jack Black cussing a lot. About online asshat syndrome, which... well, it does relate to BL, but it doesn't really tell you anything about the game. That's an official, shown on TV, EA video? F'r realz?
  12. Who was your favorite female character?

    Really tight decision between Ophelia and Drowned Ophelia, but honestly I think of them as more the same person than the storyline tells it. Who's your favorite Tainted Coil femme personality? Dominatrices are mine. "Why are you so mad at me? Was it something my Pinboy did?"
  13. Brutal Legend is stuck at the Loading screen

    Publishers DO have an immense amount of content control over what does and doesn't get released as subsequent content for a game. It's not a one-to-one example, but look at the hideous dismemberment of Unreal Tournament 3 that Microsoft caused by having a strictly regulated, monetized marketplace in XBox Live. You know Gabe Newell HATED the PS3, right? Well, now he's all about talking it up, saying Portal 2 on it will be the best console version because Sony is allowing open content (and USER CREATED content, which goes back to the UT3 example) on the PSN. So, publishers, whether console or title, do have a very heavy hand. EA did not make nearly the money I'm sure they expected to make on BL, so they are probably very unwilling to spend as much as another dime on it. If they say no go, DF really has no alternative. It's basically no go.
  14. x

    Oh man, that was awesome.
  15. Brütal Legend Art from the Purple Mew

    What's interesting is that THIS WARFATHER (carefully not using names) is actually in Brütal Legend. Or one very like him. Why do I say that? At the beginning of the adventure, when Ophelia and Eddie have just escaped from the Temple and the Feeding Area, Doviculus is seen talking to a Warfather. And if you notice, Doviculus is much taller than that Warfather. But in actual battle, all the Hierarchy leaders are taller than Doviculus. So either Doviculus was standing on a step-stool, or that Warfather is really short. Just like this one. Or maybe Double Fine just drew the scene that way to make Doviculus seem more intimidating, BUT WE WILL NOT SPEAK OF SUCH THINGS.