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  1. I have no intention of stopping this trend
  2. Yeah I'm threatening to destroy the forums. Because apparently that's what it takes to get others to be the tiniest bit considerate and NOT ruin this movie for me this one time I really want to get hyped without being bogged down by all your completely irrational unwarranted negativity. And I've always put up the offer to ban me if y'all don't want me here. But as long as you're gonna have me as part of the community then I will fight to make it a space I can exist in comfortably. I shouldn't HAVE to but y'know.
  3. No one is stoping you from seeing the film. If we don't like a film even when it's released, don't get upset at us because we have different opinions. You guys have been shitting on it since the MOMENT the film was announced. It's hardly a matter of different opinions, it feels like you guys deliberately being jerks and killjoys after I have CLEARLY expressed interest in seeing it. What more when none of you are even gonna go see it. There isn't even an opinion to begin with because it wouldnt matter because it's not based on anything But if you do have a different opinion, kindly take it somewhere else or go shove it up your ass. The one good thing I'm looking forward to is coming out in a couple days and I'm not letting a bunch of 30-yr-old hyper nerds with a hardon for nostalgia ruin it for me. I got EGR shut down over this matter, I will get this thread and every other thread shut down if I have to.
  4. As long as y'all feel the need to shit on this movie before I ever get the chance to see it, then I will continue to bitch and kick up a HUGE stinking flap whenever I get the chance So I suggest y'all shut up for everyone else's sake
  5. It would be absolutely NO surprise to me if it's because everyone's holding the movie up to super high standards/comparing it to the original which y'know everyone has already preemptively decided can it will NEVER be as good as because then they'd have to admit new things can actually be good. I would also absolutely 100% peg it on your run of the mill garbage misogyny but of COURSE everyone will just deny it. Everyone thinks they're soooo objective when it comes to their nostalgia circlejerk cult classic movie amirite But then again who cares what critics have to say. Critics are just people who's job it is is to have an opinion.
  6. i leave for a few days and y'all gettin into that nasty vore stuff shame on you dfaf
  7. At this stage, I think we're leaning towards not implementing upvoting/downvoting for posts. Could a 'kudos' feature still happen though? I get that it seems pretty lazy to not just type up a response if you endorse what someone's saying. But sometimes I'm lazy and a response seems like overkill
  8. Unrequited Love

    u a ho for that drama
  9. ...I'm never going to understand you Telltale people and why y'all seem to enjoy writing and reading about the grisly deaths of your online acquaintances. It freaks me out tbh. Anyway I watched Zootopia yesterday. It was cute, I didn't really know what it was about going in but yeah it's a pretty standard Disney talking animal buddy cop movie about believing in yourself and achieving your dreams. How they framed that theme and the social commentary makes it alot better though.
  10. Figured we needed one of these, the "what are you playing?" thread was starting to get clogged up with all our Minecraft talk :U Talk about Minecraft here! Your current mining exploits, awesome homes and tributes you're building or just discuss resources and stuff. As long as it's Minecraft! If you're new to Minecraft, here are some links to get you started: - The Official Website - Official Wiki - Custom Skins for Minecraft _________________________________________________________________________ *UPDATE* Minecraft beta is now out! Details here
  11. Orlando

    Please tell me you're not being serious about "burn the straights." Also, it's kinda sad that gun control will NEVER work in America. Fuck the 2nd Amendment. I'm being mad is what I'm doing. Use your head for a hot second and instead of policing other people's outrage just let me have this moment to be mad Okay, go at it. There are better words than "burn the straights" to show your anger. And yet those are exactly the words I want to express
  12. Orlando

    Please tell me you're not being serious about "burn the straights." Also, it's kinda sad that gun control will NEVER work in America. Fuck the 2nd Amendment. I'm being mad is what I'm doing. Use your head for a hot second and instead of policing other people's outrage just let me have this moment to be mad
  13. Orlando

    Burn the straights and take guns away already, yeesh
  14. Haven't we been doing that for years? Also, lol at FIFA 17 thinking they need a story for a sports game. Eugh, more like "we've been celebrating a female version of your average, overdone hypermasculine power fantasy because we cannot conceive a concept of strength that isn't purely physical" Also man maybe it's just me but E3 and the games showcased there are getting less and less appealing with each passing year. How do y'all stay excited for this?
  15. It's funny, see. I don't know if any of youse did it on purpose but it's great, and it's even funnier if it was just a coincidence. The ellipses add to the feeling of it being a confession, and makes the second thread title seem even more scandalous. But actually its pretty ridiculous, making the overall effect even more humorous. 10/10 good job forums
  16. I just did and it didn't work. Never has. I've changed entire computers, twice, and it always defaults to this thing. Like I'll see a flash of what I assume is the new theme whenever the forums are loading up, but then it changes back. Maybe the forums won't let me have the good theme because I live in a crappy third world country
  17. I think saying you're a furry is more like a shorthand for a list of interests you have and activities you participate in. It doesn't have to encompass the entirety of things furries are known to do, but it gives you an idea. So in that vein I don't think it's something you qualify as either. But really, you shouldn't have to "qualify" for anything that you can identify with. We don't need any more of that gatekeeping nonsense in harmless interests like dressing up/roleplaying as anthropomorphic animals
  18. To add on what Anemone said, maybe just... not make her interested in video games, in general? But she has one or two games she specifically enjoys. You don't have to be super invested in gaming to like and enjoy games.
  19. So I came across this post on tumblr that basically asked, "Why not, instead of demolishing abandoned/failing malls or letting them rot over time to eventually become home to drug addicts and kids looking for that creepy mall 'aesthetic', we turn them into affordable living spaces? Keep the food court, the palm trees, the fountains, the places to sit and just turn the shoplots into these cozy little apartments?" And I thought holy hell I would do this in a heartbeat. I mean, I can already see the one big flaw here because malls charge shops an assload for rent so I don't think the affordable thing would become a reality, but if it WAS a thing and I COULD afford it then yeah I would do it for sure. What about you guys? Fun bonus question: Which shop would you pick out to live in, if you could only do minimal work on converting it into a living space?
  20. I can see bathrooms being an issue, with some places too small to have their own. And even places big enough to have one would still have to keep them pretty small and basic. Communal bathrooms might have to be a thing in that case, which wouldn't be great. So that's one downside to this kind of living arrangement
  21. Fair point, but I feel like this is more representative of of Blizzard's achievements with Overwatch and its female characters:
  22. Back when it was closed y'all said something like it being closed for 'a while' to 'let things cool down' It's been several months, what gives?
  23. Put this quote on a shirt so I can replace my entire wardrobe with nothing but those The world needs to know about my greasy taters slicking their surfaces
  24. I dont give points for trying. This isnt a case of one poorly conceived female character out of 8, its 7 decent female characters in a sea of other poorly conceived characters, of which the 8th one is a part of. I'm not lowering my standards just because the games industry has a hard time keeping up. And as long as we're talking strictly about lore and backstories, I'd say Ms. Pauling counts for alot since shes becoming an increasingly central character in the overarching plot of TF2
  25. I'm reading up on the lore in Overwatch and all the characters backstories. Yeesh, trust Blizzard to make it super complicated and unecessary. I especially hate how Widowmaker was handled. The whole uber sexy femme fatale thing is already a super boring, overused trope, but now Im finding out shes a gotdang *sniper*. As in she assasinates people from far away, meaning the lame "Her sexualization is all part of her job!" defense of her design makes absolutely no sense. Shes not seducing or distracting anyone with her sweet sweet bosoms from half a mile away you idiot. And her backstory... eugh. "This ordinary woman was kidnapped, tortured, brainwashed, and remade into a living weapon incapable of feeling human emotion. Isn't she SO cool guys?" Ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwwww