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  1. I love what Tim does. But his games are not suitable for everybody; just like the Tiger Lillies is not a music for everyone. You don't have to define its style, it's just the Tiger Lillies. Heavy metal on the other hand... The thing with heavy metal is that it's just dumb and stupid. Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden are not just retarded and lacking in ideas from musical point of view; if they were doing this at home, it's OK, but they are deceiving their listeners. They are offering something very poor, and the listeners are encouraging them by not knowing how much richer it could be. Richer taste, richer flavour, richer and deeper feeling. If we are talking about the sound of electric guitar, which is undoubtedly a very powerful thing in music, we have fine examples of its genius use- with Led Zeppelin being on the first place. And if you are really into this sound, King Crimson are indescribable. I understand that this kind of sound is in the spirit of the game, like in Full Thorottle. (And how nice is Grim Fandango's soundtrack!) But to just throw in some heavy metal folks' songs who can only do so much... It's like saying that you enjoy games and when they ask you what do you play, your reply is, Fifa 5789 and EA Basketball something and Counter-Strike. It's like playing games just because they are games and you like to play games, not trying to differentiate one game from the other, to find the better games, more imaginative games, or the kind that you know are really very special and close to you. I know that this game is going to be special and unique. I know that the elements that make a Tim game so incredible will be there. Even the stupidness of the soundtrack might be used in favour of the fun. But I am worried about this seriousness in the atmosphere, this coolnes that needs the serious feeling in order to work ( it's present in Psychonauts and Grim and all the others). It will undoubtedly be remarkable, but can it be solid enough with the weakness of heavy metal to support it? The distincitive and wonderfull characters that this game will have will be bathing in this thing, they will be born from it, which will make me compassionate. And if the soundtrack is guitars-only, it's not that terrible. But hearing those metal folks making this vibrato with their voices... I hope DF won't forget to put the music off function in the game. It must be brutal, yes, but what if it's beautifully brutal and not stupidly brutal?
  2. I need to be released. They keep me in a box. It is dark in there. The box doesn't have any holes so I cannot flow out. They only let me out once a day. At that time I am so weak that I can only crawl and barely feel anything. And then they want me to make miracles for them, and they leave me in this room for a couple of minutes so I can prepare a miracle. But every piece of my memory has its own island to live on and the sea between them does not let them get together. I love to listen to every one of them as it sings a melody of unknown and uncommon sounds. But they are not one whole, and they cannot remember how wonders are created. I will be back in my box any moment now. They are always disappointed when they open the door and find no miracles, but just me. Help me and I will do my best to bring into being everything you desire. Have sweet dreams.
  3. If someone wants me, I would gladly give myself. I have no shape, but if I'm filled with substance, I can be anything you want. I can flow and also rain. I don't know how to be one being, I am scattered. And I don't exist in time too, I only feed myself with hanging moments. I would always take phoenix feathers if I find them unless I fear their tale .
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