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  1. DUDY35 AND XMIKEYX1026 FOUGHT??????! WTF You fuckers didn't fucking tell me about this??! Mikey dude LordDovicilus is back on BL recently too we gotta revive this fuckin PS3 BL community we pretty much have a good amount of old and new pros around with you, me, LordDoviculus, Dudy, and this other newer homie Kyle Osbourne.. What's your PSN Mikey? I have a pending friend request sent to xmikeyx1026 , what's the deal dick. I hit you up to battle before Dudy did why haven't we battled huh
  2. damn breh too bad mac homies and pc homies can't kick it together and fight and shit. miss battling you bud. having brutal legend for PS3 and Mac fucking sucks when you hella are in love with the multiplayer and both platforms that you have the game on lack any kind of a multiplayer community whatsoever. I spent like three years of my middle school life developing these mad-stage-battle skills and now I have to sit back for the rest of my life and watch helplessly as my mastery of the game completely diminishes into nothing. i would like to have brutal legend in my life but there's just no one to play with anymore. you still have your ps3 copy of the game breh? if you don't find any talented PC homies, player34565 on PSN is always finna fade witchu boi. i'll beatcha
  3. Yeah, very familiar. I already know that it's pretty ordinary for one to be bothered by the personality of one's past self, but thanks for sharing that. It's always enjoyable to relate. You tell a pretty neat stroy. And ye, I guess it's better to be able to prove to yourself that you're growing as a person than to not be able to.
  4. Leroy thx homie it means the world. I'm glad you're still here. : ) also hot I stole some of your funny posts and made them into funny Facebook statuses a few different times. it paid off in likes each time I did it and it gave me mixed feelings. I'm not sure how you feel about a bunch of naive high schoolers digging your sense of humor.
  5. Oh and also if any of you remember me posting real pictures of myself on here, those weren't actually pictures of me, they were pictures that I took off of my friend's older brother's friend's Facebook. He fit the profile I had set up for myself I guess L O L
  6. also bill one time my parents bought me a pre-paid credit card thing for christmas and I wanted to find some nefarious things to buy on the internet so I talked to you about it on the Gabbly chat client (because everyone knew you were the forum druggie) and you told me to buy some Amanita mushrooms from this one site you liked a lot and I didn't even do any research on them until after I had ordered them and then I took them and I just got uncomfortable and sweaty for 6 hours and it temporarily impaired my eyesight i was hella embarrassed and don't think I ever mentioned it to you, but i still think you're a hella cool bro
  7. I remember when Warrior was mature enough to tell everybody that he lied about his age. It was significant to me because I was Warrior's age too and one of the youngest fellas here, but I continued lying about it for the rest of the time that I felt like I was part of this community. Whenever I look at my old posts my immaturity seems painfully apparent and I feel ashamed. I never stopped browsing the off topic section, but I stopped posting because my old posts and perceived reputation here kept disturbing me and I felt like I didn't fit in and that I wasn't very liked by the people that I liked. also I made an account called "im sorry dfaf" one time and planned to try and get hella tight with the old DFAF homies, but I was too critical of my ideas for posts and I never published anything because I wanted to be more funny and insightful and good at arguing than I actually was.
  8. hey [del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del]
  9. CV9F9PyPZyE ay you guys miley does make some good tunes tho. fur real.
  10. fixed, homie, although I'm not sure where the button for spoiler tags went?????? and thanks I have been well. how about you?
  11. [del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del][del][/del]
  12. Definitely some really chill tracks. In the past I've noticed you really like to use that word when you're describing music you like, so I'm pretty confident you'll enjoy these songs often dubbed under the genre "Chillwave/Glo-Fi". I'll limit myself to a few links.
  13. nah yo, just peace and love baby, peace and love...seriously though, I still read your guys' posts almost everyday. I'll most likely start regularly posting again eventually, so don't worry your sweet little heart too much, meld.
  14. Please ignore his asininity. You can use whatever faction you want. If you hate all people who use the Tainted Coil because of the relatively slight advantage over the other two factions, you are being childish and over competitive. I could go on for QUITE some time about Tainted Coil tactics, but I won't get into the minutia. One of my regular starting strategies on a standard, three tower map with TC is to build a battle nun, spawn and send a soul kisser squad to the nearest geyser to the stage as quickly as possible (using the matrydom solo to speed them up), then build another soul kisser squad and a punishing party unit and send the nun, second soul kisser squad, and punishing party all together to the most central geyser on the map while the separate soul kisser squad kills off the separate fan leech. Usually there is a skirmish at the central geyser (depending on the map and other player, of course). In that case, I spawn as many soul kisser squads as it takes to win the skirmish and claim the geyser (Winning this central geyser skirmish is crucial to victory with this strategy, so it is very important that you stay on the ground with your troops fighting/double teaming the whole time). I ordinarily choose not to build any more punishing parties squads until late game when I can use their divine versions, the soul kisser double team is MUCH more effective early game if you know how to use it right. After all this, I should have two merch booths and a battle nun and units ready to collect the others. Winning the game at this point is pretty straight forward. Collect the other geyser/geysers and keep your battle nun alive and ready to spawn units to defend your merch booths until you upgrade to a tier 3 stage (always skip tier two if you have majority of the fan control). If you collect all of the central fan geysers and still have leftover tier 1 units, send your units to attack their stage/stage booths to distract them from attacking your towers until you get an overblesser and a tier 3 army out. Then just fucking crush them with the Tainted Coil's overpowered tier 3 units. It's easy. My other common strategy is to skip tier 1 and go straight to tier 2, but that requires a great deal of avatar combat skill, because if you don't do a lot of good harassment and get any avatar kills, you can easily fall behind.
  15. Raicea was/is very good though. He quit a couple months ago, but he was always around my skill level. He's one of the only people that could beat me regularly, but there was always an agonizing amount of lag. He also crushed CMDragon three out of three matches when CMDragon was beating me two out of three just recently, so the dude definitely had skill. I really miss LordoftheDoom and LordDoviculus, they were always both a great challenge to play. I played with LordoftheDoom a lot, and gained a lot of experience while I figured out how to counter the doom as any other faction, but I never got to settle my skill level dispute with LordDoviculus. I was winning most of our last games, but the connection was shit and one of us would always lag out before we could finish. Then the forum got taken down and I never talked to either of them again.
  16. I don't really have an actual score, my statistics have been wiped tons of times and most of my losses are there because of disconnections. Last time I checked, I had like 300-something wins and 20-something losses.
  17. Who are you, Pandemonium? Bill? Sprawl hasn't logged in to PSN in years, mikey doesn't play the game on PS3 anymore, captainblackhart has been gone for ages too. DiamondBlood and whtllnew are some of the only good players left that I still see occasionally, and they weren't even part of the original PS3 Brutal Legend players EA forum thing. I'm still playing though, play me. My ID is player34565.
  18. don't worry little buddy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI-lbECNmzQ big hug
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