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  1. While you may like socialism, America embraces capitalism, which is far more effective than socialism. Also, the idea that a president can "fix" this country is outstandingly absurd and unAmerican.
  2. Too many good games, so little money. There are probably about 8 game I'm aching for, but can only afford two, or three at most.
  3. DYNAMO 5 is superb. Have you read any of the touchtone stuff like WATCHMEN, FROM HELL, MAUS, or DARK KNIGHT? If not, please do! Especially MAUS.
  4. Okay, I re-read THE GRAVEYARD BOOK. It has his dark charm and wit and humor. The characters are all very interesting and convincing, you'll love, you'll care, and you'll hate and you'll fear. The pacing is impeccable. The dialogue is very Gaimanish (I don't know what that means, either). Prose-wise, it's Gaiman at his best, this is including his adult novels/stories. And the story is just good. Overall, I would rank it: 1. AMERICAN GODS 2. THE GRAVEYARD BOOK 3. NEVERWHERE 4. CORALINE 5. STARDUST 6. ANANSI BOYS
  5. I finished THE GRAVEYARD BOOK yesterday. It's pretty good. Might be a little advanced/dark for some young adults. Or maybe not. But I do love it, though not sure where I'd rank it with his other novels. Above ANANSI BOYS, below AMERICAN GODS, tied with CORALINE.
  6. I believe GODS 2 is on the horizon. Did you hear recently that Gaiman thinks he can write 2 or 3 more GODS novels in his lifetime? And he recently came back from a research expedition in China... Shadow in China? Yes, please. Oh, and have you read MONARCH OF THE GLEN? The GODS novella?
  7. I would not say AMERICAN GODS is any kind of sequel to ANANSI BOYS, even though they share a character.
  8. You don't have a local comic shop? Also, nothing wrong with sharing things you love as opposed to complaining about things you hate, which is always doubleplusungood. I should also add, if you're a fan of INVINCIBLE, you should also read Kirkman's THE WALKING DEAD. Love every page of it.
  9. I would recommend the following: A SMALL KILLING by Alan Moore. SLEEPWALK AND OTHER STORIES by Adrian Tomine. Y: THE LAST MAN by Brian K. Vaughan. MAUS by Art Spielegman. JIMMY CORRIGAN by Chris Ware. SIGNAL TO NOISE by Neil Gaiman. PREACHER by Garth Ennis. 100 BULLETS by Brian Azzarello POWERS by Brian Michael Bendis. PERSEPOLIS by Marjane Satrapi PALESTINE by Joe Sacco Too many good comics! There are more great comics being produced today than I can possibly read. And yes, manga does count. Love, love, love DOMU. It's the only true horror comic that had an effect on me. Also, USAGI YOJIMBO, AKIRA, MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND, LONE WOLF AND CUB, etc.
  10. This: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/7613403.stm And this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2008/sep/11/creationism.education?gusrc=rss&feed=education
  11. Which season of 7th Heaven would you like to start with, Crow? Bah! Your choice to ignore is superficial! Choice is an illusion created by the people with power for those without. Sure, this Schafer person might be your "leader," but he wouldn't be the first to be overthrown! Nay, he shall do one better. He shall willfully ABDICATE THE THROWN ONCE HE WITNESSES MY AWESOMENESS! It's not too late for you, Crow. Bow before me and I shall consider appointing you to either be my human foot-stool or butt-wiper. Modestly, Jason P.S. Please don't ignore me!
  12. Silence, Scarecrow! Before I charge you with treason! Punishment for recalcitrance and/or duplicity consists of a thousand lashes at your no-no parts, while episodes of 7TH HEAVEN run in an endless loop, with toothpicks holding up your eyelids. But those who choose to appreciate their new leader will receive pats on the head and donuts. Plus, your ninjas are no match for my agents of the Culper Ring. Say it with me, minions: coup d'état! Coup d'état! Coup d'état! Your benevolent ruler, King Jason
  13. Dozens of symposiums are held every year concerning religion and all its controversies, and I'm sure you beautiful people of the Double Find Action Forums are able to discuss religion with some decorum.
  14. INVINCIBLE is fantastic. Good taste. Any Ennis fans? My second favorite "mainstream" comics writer. He's disgustingly excellent and excellently disgusting.
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