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  1. Your google skills are weak young grasshopper.
  2. Ok here is the link to the episode but it's not available in the uk since it is still being shown here. If you are in the uk press the red button on bravo and you can watch it there. It was more than halfway through the episode. http://www.spike.com/full-episode/attila-hun-vs/38095 Max Geiger has a much higher voice than Eddie Riggs but when you hear the way he say's it I'm sure you'll agree he must be a fan.
  3. Admit it warrior, you thought eXpLoDeY was older. The guy writes like a jaded 40 year old. (no offence player)
  4. Anyone see deadliest warrior:Attila the hun vs Alexander the great? After they check out the damage done by the sword of mars Max Geiger give's an Eddie Riggs style "Decapitatioooooonnnn!" Made me smile. Had to share.
  5. We finished ages ago dude. Justme was the better man on the day. He beat me 2 in a row.
  6. Here's a good counter that doesn't come up much. If you are Tainted Coil and Reaper spam is attacking your undefended stage just spam basic Warfathers. They do a great job against the fast moving reapers. I can't remember who first posted this one on the EA forum so I can't give credit where it's due.
  7. One of the most under used units in the game makes for a great counter to most doubleteam attacks. In all my matches as Drowning Doom, possessing units with the organist, only one player ever used it against me. I'm talking about the Thunderhog of course! Ironheade should never be without one.
  8. Great song but if you mean the first ride on the deuce I prefer Jesus built my hotrod by ministry. I think it has the same energy as back at the funny farm. Other artists I think were intended are Led Zepplin, metallica and Ted Nugent (yes, seriously)
  9. While we wait to see if doublefine responds to my request why not suggest tracks that you think should have made it onto the soundtrack and if you have a mission in mind, even better. Arguing about what is or isn't metal makes you sound ridiculous when the soundtrack ranges from def leopard to ministry. I know haters gonna hate but there are no strict rules on this, ok? *Spoiler below* I'm 90% sure I read somewhere that Iron maiden's Run to the Hills was intended to play when bleeding deaths rain down on the pleasure gardens. I'm also quite sure that had Dio been involved, Holy Diver would have played at some point in the game.
  10. I am a huge fan of the Brutal Legend soundtrack and have every song bar cabbage boy on my ipod. I was hoping one of you wonderful people at double fine could share the tracks that you had hoped to put in the soundtrack but couldn't get the rights to, or decided against for whatever reason?
  11. I thank you for your mature and thought out response. I think your first point about people not caring is a generalisation. Nobody on psn knows who I am or what I do for a living but under my psn id I have built a reputation as a good sportsman. My connection sucks at peak times and I have been embarrassed when it has been lost during a game I was losing. I have always explained the situation and gave kudos to the other player even though I cannot change their stats. While I accept that not everyone cares about their online reputation, you must accept that some people do. Your second point brings up something I hadn't really considered; using someone elses account. I think people should take more care protecting their online identity and need to take some responsibility for this sort of thing. If someone were to send offensive messages with your account you would do something about it. Same rules apply. Finally I would like to add that I would never encourage directing hatred towards anyone. I just think that if someone can prove that another psn id is not playing fair they should be allowed to post that proof online (regardless of who was using the account) and it is up to the account holder to change their ways, offer an explanation or ignore it and keep cheating. We are not expecting DF to do anything about this. Here just seems like the appropriate place to name and shame.
  12. Most games and sports have a governing body which takes action against cheating. On a smaller more casual scale people govern their own games to prevent cheating. In many cases this is done by some form of naming and shaming. Think about a small game of basketball or soccer where someone takes a dive and cries foul. If you were to witness this you might say "bull shit, you're faking" and hopefully they would be embarrassed into getting up and playing the game properly. If you were playing scrabble and someone made up a word for a higher score you would challenge them. You can apply this to almost any competitive game or sport and while it never stops cheating completely alot of the time people are shamed into playing fair. If anyone thinks that this concept should not be applied to online games please suggest an alternative.
  13. I can understand why double fine don't want names of disconnecters posted without proof. There has been some hysteria on the internet this week about a girl who threw some puppies in a river. 2 girls from differnent countries have had their names addresses and phone numbers posted online and both have recieved a huge amount of hate mail. They can't both have done it. I'm glad that double fine are making an effort to avoid this type of cyberbullying. However, in the case of brutal legend, disconnecting is a form of cheating. They are sabotaging another persons stats and wasting their time while ruining their enjoyment of the game. Naming and shaming them seems like the most effective way to stop this. If you have added the person as a friend it is possible to check if you have both lost connection by accident or if one person has dc'ed (on psn you can idk about xbox) I'd like to suggest that those players who have the facility to film their games film this checking process as proof of disconnecting and post the videos online and add the links to this forum. If the admin object to this compromise please suggest an alternative action we can take. Disconnecting is killing Brutal Legend.
  14. Count me in. Random faction if possible.
  15. Did anyone else see our tainted lord on Criminal Minds? Last episode of season 5, he was pure evil, you should check it out.
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