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  1. The word franchise makes me shudder a bit these days. It's understandable to want more of what you fancy, but given that DF is a smallish one-game-at-a-time type studio I'm much happier with the idea of them creating something that is brand spangly new than a rehash that ticks all the fanboy boxes. After all this waiting I would be utterly crestfallen if they pull back the curtains for DUM DUM DUMMMMM "Full Throttle II: Throttle Harder"
  2. Hello hello, My name is Andrew and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I am 30 years of age, have one sister and no brothers and my hobbies include fishing, basketball and swimming. Actually the fishing/basketball/swimming thing isn't all that true. I usually just sit about playing videogames and watching films. Good films mind, not trashy things featuring zombies and kung-fu and whatnot. Black and white films. I own a PC and a DS and I'm currently playing Bioshock and Slitherlink. Both of which are pretty ace (but Slitherlink is acer). Likes: Games that don't feature space marines, fruit, Joanna Newsom. Dislikes: Most things.
  3. Man alive, can I ever not wait to NEVER meet you, you creepy little person. Can you tell if I'm lying about that? Actually that's quite rude, even if it is true. I'm sorry. I'd delete this post but I can't ever resist the temptation not to use double negatives in a sentence.
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