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  1. Saw it for the second time today, and it still doesn't feel like enough, it's so good. I'm obsessed! With everything about it, the cultural and political inspirations and impact, the direction, the actors, the themes of the movie, the costume design (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruth E. Carter should get a goddamn Oscar for it!) and the MUSIC!!!
  2. I mean it's basically like 5-7 people in there with a bunch of lurkers. We don't even post that much, it's usually pretty likely that 6 hours will go by between conversation.
  3. I've been on the forums pretty regularly since 2007, minus the year I took off, and for most of that I was here for the community, not for the game news and speculation about the company. Its been a shame seeing how quiet its gotten.
  4. Her Black Panther should be slightly different though, because I totally see her as the next Tony Stark in terms of genius and ability. Those gloves she built for instance.
  5. Who was everyone's favorite characters? I mean I'll cut you some slack if it's T'Challa, because he's pretty great, but for me it's a three way tie between Nakia, Oyoke and Shuri!
  6. Jesus! Slow down Marvel! My heart can only take so much, Black Panther ain't even out yet! This movie looks awesome though, glad to see that they're having more fun with shrinking and blowing things up. Honestly feel like out of all the Marvel characters in the MCU, Ant-Man (and now Wasp) possibly has the best powerset, just based on the kind of fun one can have dreaming up set-pieces for them.
  7. It may have been in the old thread, I don't remember. So I'm kind of toying with the idea of doing an anthology of short stories. Something sort of in the vein of Doctor Who, in that each story is wildly different but has a throughline in the form of a specific character that appears as the protagonist or a secondary character in each outing.
  8. Yeah I think we already knew this about you, because of the stuff you share on here, and because I'm pretty sure you've asked a similar question before.
  9. This! I've found myself writing a short story after following a writing prompt, I'm pretty excited to see where this goes.
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