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  1. Pretending this is copy pasted from actual marketing material because it gives me joy.
  2. Day One Purchase... Actually Day Two Purchase, this is Ubi we're talking about. I wanna be sure it isn't a bug ridden mess before I put my money down.
  3. Can I make a lady Far Cry?
  4. No I mean asshole, white Americans. I mean militarized, far right religious lunatics, the kind of people who voted for a current president not because they had the wool pulled over their eyes but because they saw in him a champion for their backwards and hateful viewpoints. I'm talking about Nazis, I'm talking about fundamentalist zealots who twist their faith to justify their awful behavior and beliefs. I'm talking about the cartoon versions of the worst America has to offer. I want to shoot me some digital folk that look like Richard Spencer crossed with the Duck Dynasty rednecks crossed with the Westboro Baptist Church. Throw some KKK in their while you're at it, I'm ready to go! Also it's nice that Ubisoft is taking a different approach and having their canon fodder be something other then an isolated group of "exotic but savage" natives. I'm just saying, it's about time they painted the target on a different group of people, and I can't think of a group more deserving then Fascist Americans.
  5. It's one of the better crafted stories I've seen in an RPG, and the limited scope of playing a set character with a specific identity, job and history in the setting allows you get a deeper sense of place within said setting. I'm convinced that this is what more RPGs should be doing, rather than these narratives where your hero can't be on a first name basis with anyone (save one robot in Fallout 4's case) and your sense of belonging inside the setting is at best, iffy. The best execution of the player created hero in an RPG is probably Mass Effect, and even then the seams showed pretty often. I don't think all RPGs need to be this, but I would love it if more took the approach of having a single, well-defined perspective for it's hero.
  6. I think Michael Mando's livewire performance of the character is what has set Vaas apart from most video game villains. At least that's what I see getting praised about the character in articles. Only reason I'm interested in Far Cry 5 is the chance to shoot asshole white Americans. After the past two years that sounds like good therapy to me.
  7. Witcher 3 and almost nothing else until I beat it. I'm serious this time. I will conquer this beast.
  8. Working for me. I put a bunch of games into a category to help me keep track of what I've started and need to beat.
  9. I didn't realize that I needed this system in my life until now. Thank you.
  10. 506, get good, also I feel sometimes like I spend more time looking at my list of games and mulling over what I should play and less actually playing, but when I do play, it's either one of a handful of standbys I've poured hundreds of hours into. Or one of the new games I picked up in a recent Bundle or sale. Maybe you should add all of your games into a list and put that into a generator that can spit a random result out for you.