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  1. Just walk in fresh and armed to the teeth, to a smoldering, blood-soaked battlefield, everyone else already dead. All because you set your clock an hour late. Yeah, I can picture that.
  2. If we're going to be performing in some kind of dystopic death gauntlet then let it be something with a splash of self-aware camp, like The Running Man.
  3. Ya'll probably seen this, but it's so freaking cute, I had to share it.
  4. Tears for days now, thanks. But I like the Star Trek gifs so...
  5. So I just started watching RuPaul's Drag Race, and it is saying things to me. I mean the show, like all reality TV, is freaking ridiculous. But, sometimes I just want to be a woman.
  6. There's actually probably around 15-20 big variations over the years. Not to mention the hundreds of smaller alterations in design both as a matter of plot and simple aesthetics. Honestly I find this new suit to be the closest to the comics. Raimi's was a lot of fun, but the eye pieces have a gross plasticity to them and the raised webbing on the suit is over designed IMO.