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  1. Beauty and the Beast (2017) I was pretty prepared to not like this movie as much as I wanted too, because I heard a lot of mixed things and while it wasn't quite everything I would like to have seen from a remake of one of my favorite movies ever made. It still works in a lot of places. Two things, one kind of a joke, and one very very serious. Joke thing first: I laughed and gasped in horror at this moment at the same time. But the best thing in this movie is something I never noticed was missing from the original but will now always curse not being there: Beast gets his own song. And it's soooooo good!
  2. I kind of figured, considering the way it ended. I'm just saying that there's a lot in the movie as a stand alone work that it should be able to pull it together and turn Casey's journey into something substantive for her as the protagonist. If it exists as so much setup for the next movie than... Well it fails as a movie. It's fine to setup a sequel, I guess, but it can't just be that. Ugh I'm so frustrated. It's like narrative blue balls. Just have your movie be about something more than moving the pieces around.
  3. Because they want to make another potentially great movie so-so? I mean, I'm not blaming the actress. Anya Taylor-Joy does a fine job playing the character. It's entirely in how she's written and how the themes and events of Split do nothing for her as a character. I want to see her changed by the end of this story, and I just don't get that.
  4. Split Entertaining Garbage. Like watching it in the moment I quite enjoyed it. It was dumb, but in a fun way. James McAvoy gives a better performance than the movie frankly deserves. But thinking about the movie, in particular its protagonist Casey, I begin to feel incredibly annoyed. Casey has no real arc. She's passive for almost the entire movie, it isn't any action she takes that saves her life but the evidence of what's been done to her, and her experiences in the events of this movie do nothing to equip her for dealing with the trauma she returns to at the end of the film. She's a garbage character who does nothing, learns nothing and isn't changed in any noticeable or satisfying ways by her experiences. The flashbacks in this movie add nothing to the film, but detract from it and pad it out to a runtime that's longer than it needed to be. Watch it for McAvoy's performance and the absolutely insane place it takes it's premise, and forget the rest.
  5. No comment, and because I wanted too. Let's keep things on-topic going forward
  6. Thread is back. Sorry for being stupid
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  9. So I was browsing the steam store today when I happened upon a game called HuniePop a Dating Sim/Match-3 Puzzle game. It's very much the typical naughty Dating Sim that breaks down a relationship into crude but satisfying looking gameplay, I am debating purchasing it, but this is what inspired me to make this thread. I mean, I thought this might be from a satire site or something, but it really isn't. it's from a legit, Christian video game review site. And what's even more fascinating, is how measured the review for the game is, there's no soap-boxing or anything here, the reviewer goes over the games features and mechanics, talks about what they liked in the game, and what they find morally objectionable about it as a Christian. They even have two scoring systems, a game score which goes up, and a morality score which decreases the more morally bankrupt the game is deemed to be. I think Jesus would be pleased.
  10. So I'm doing my thing, browsing the internet, like you do, especially if you're me, and I come across this story about Chris Pratt holding a contest to create his new Facebook header. This is what the man wrote to announce and describe the contest: All very formal and official, no goofball shenanigans with which to charm and bedazzle the helpless masses at all. The more I read into the bit though, the more the thought process behind this creation began to seem familiar. The oafish narcissism, the gee-whiz self-awareness, the trying to hard to not seem like he's trying at all, but not trying so hard that it's off-putting but is actually kind of endearing. Chris Pratt is hot, if hot got famous and then got ripped, and then got really famous. So hot, buddy, I guess what I'm saying is that you need to hit the gym. Get that Jurassic World money boi.
  11. As Anemone pointed out in EGR, Ray Bradbury was a genius at titling his stories, his titles had a certain attention grabbing charm to them, as if he put his hook right there on the cover, rather than the first sentence or the first paragraph. He then pointed out a few (a very few) games with titles that evoke a similar quality. And that got me thinking, what would other games be called if they had a title like a Ray Bradbury (or Kurt Vonnegut, or Phillip K. Dick) story. Here's Anemone's list of Bradbury titles and the games which share qualities with them for inspiration: My contribution: Your Princess is in Another Castle - Super Mario Bros. GLaDOS's Guide to Learning With Portals - Portal First, You Punch A Tree - Minecraft BTW, just because someone already retitled a game, doesn't mean they have the only good one, so feel free to post your own take on any game that strikes your fancy.
  12. Hey forum brownies. I passed 20k posts a few posts ago, and I'm still Tim's secret lover. I would assume I have to reach 25k or 50k even before unlocking the next rank, but something tells me you didn't plan for anyone to ever get that high, so yeah, make some new ranks... Or don't, whatever.
  13. Alright, so I was skeptical at first, but CW has seriously made a great show here. I've created this thread mostly so I can freak out about individual episodes and not take up space in the TV thread, but general discussion of the show would be swell as well. My only request is that spoilers past the point I've seen be properly tagged and kept to a minimum, I'll try to catch up fast as I can. Thoughts on Episode 4: I hate Murphy so much. I'm starting to be okay with Finn, but I'm also not okay with Finn. The bit with Raven launching the pod into the soundless void of space was very Firefly, I like that this show is reminding me of Firefly. Thoughts on Episode 5: Writer's and/or effects team did not research orbital mechanics for this episode, that is not what firing retrograde to deorbit looks like, play some Kerbal Space Program you dweebs. Bellumy gets two girls because he's fucking Bellumy! Seriously, normally I'd roll my eyes, but macho man moment earned! "Let's kill a bunch of people, but pretend it was an accident." Totally trust your government folks. RavenxClarke OTP! Let the irrational ship begin. Oh sh-- Raven don't let a little bang on the head stop her from bringing it in a fight! Abigail gets things done! This show just gave me the feels! Raven and Clarke pass the Bechdel Test, and work together, and don't immediately fall into petty jealousy over Finn. I hope this holds up because I like this pairing, if only they'd makeout already. Oh my god stop it show, Damn, this is seriously suspenseful shit! OMG THE OTHERS... Excuse me THE GROUNDLINGS!