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  1. Here's what they should do. Make Chapter 2 now so the studio can get it's sweet sweet sequel money. And then in 27 years when I'm almost 60 remake Chapter 2 AGAIN with the actors who played the kids reprising their roles. The studio will love it, the fans will love it. It'll be great.
  2. I will occasionally draw out* a floor plan of building that will feature prominently in my story. Like a protag's home. Just so I have a good sense of the space as I'm writing. *read: make in the Sims.
  3. I will probably see this in theaters at this point.
  4. Humble Steam keys expire now?

    I've seen that before and I think it's limited to the free games.
  5. Not the case, Galaxy Quest is its own thing, the jokes are funny because the movie sets up a world where those jokes have the context to be funny, you don't need any prior exposure to anything else to get it, because the people who made Galaxy Quest knew how to make a movie, which also happens to be one of the best comedies ever made.
  6. This is your life's pursuit now. There are no other goals until this one has been achieved. You must watch Galaxy Quest and in doing so enrich your life.
  7. I somehow missed this reply earlier. The familiarity is less to do with the 80's kids adventure thing (that's an obvious vein that you're lampshading with the meta-narrative of it being a show in universe) it's more that I feel like I've seen the celebrity having to return to the roots of his arrested development and actually grow up through facing an exaggerated or distorted version of a familiar and once happy time in his life alongside the abandoned and downtrodden peers he had in those halcyon days. Oh wait, it's Galaxy Quest, I'm thinking of Galaxy Quest. How's your thing going to set itself apart from Galaxy Quest thematically?
  8. My favorite Noir film is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Which probably doesn't really count, but it's in the ball park
  9. A lot of movies today are being used as propaganda by the US government. The Military offers funding to movies which portray military life in a positive manner and they can be kind of strict on how that money is doled out. So let's not pretend that movies which depict soldiers or war aren't propaganda today. It's just that our government isn't directly making them, they're just willing to piggyback onto projects which either support or are willing to rework themselves to support a pro-military message. But it's also true there are a lot of war movies which clearly don't have pro-military messages, or at least are ambiguous enough to not be propaganda. And many just aren't supported by funding from the US Government, I'm just saying that propaganda still exists and War films are still a part of that tradition. They're just smarter about how they get their message out now.' As for Noir. I'm not super well versed in the genre to be sure, but I have absorbed enough of it's direct offerings and am familiar enough with it's indirect inspirations and tropes that I can say that I'm pretty fond of the genre.
  10. Why does someone having an opinion you disagree with make that person a snowflake?
  11. I'm in the voice chat right now if anyone is awake and wants to talk.
  12. Ah shit you guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys! It could still be terrible but OMG it is pandering to the Tomb Raider fan in me so hard and I am totally happy to be pandered to.