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  1. So I started playing Psychonauts yet again last night, this time with the goal of seeing how many interesting tidbits I could find that were off the beaten path a bit. Currently I'm trying to see what interesting responses I can get out of the camp inhabitants by showing them things and trying to set them on fire. What were your favorite bits of Psychonauts that weren't necessarily obvious? Here's one of mine. Last night I went around showing everyone the red button that Sasha gives Raz. Some of the dialog was made of win. I think Elsa's reaction was my favorite; show it to her multiple times to get the full effect.
  2. It would be so lovely if there was a stately Dogan bookend to hold them up. Maybe even two. Or perhaps the head of Ford Cruller. Maybe even just a Psychonauts styled brain. The possibilities are endless. Bronze is always classy.
  3. Steam Psychonauts

    Borrowing is totally cool, especially since they will probably buy their own copy of the best game evar. The Steam version is pretty darn handy because when you are stuck at your Aunt Martha's house you can download Psychonauts and get your game on. It has saved me for many holidays.
  4. Losing dialog in cut scenes. Any suggestions?

    Do you have a dual core machine? I find if I don't tell Psychonauts to use just one processor I have problems like that.
  5. Long, long hours for months at a time and low pay. The movie biz is also brutal. One friend of mine worked for 6 months with 105 hour work weeks(15 hours a day, 7 days a week); another stopped going home and just started sleeping at work during crunch time. Not all jobs are like that, but I've seen it happen enough times that I'm not rushing to do it.
  6. My degree is in Visual and Game Programing, so I'd certainly like to work in the industry someday. The hours most studios require are pretty crazy though, so my current plan is just to stick to the mod scene. My make software the game developers use, which is good enough for me. =)
  7. Psychonaut Smilies

    Le brilliant! Very nice work.
  8. Merit Badges

    For all that is holy, and unholy, please make and then sell, badges like the ones Raz collects. Every time I go to your store I see the badges section, and every time my soul is crushed by the lack of merit badges. Your logo is lovely, but it doesn't quite say, "I can set schtuff on fire with my mind." I know you have important things to do like making games and playing fooz ball, but there is a hole in my life that can only be filled by merit badges. *Image of panda with a single tear*
  9. Double Fine Action Figures

    I figured they would mate with my plush vortigaunts and then ride the headcrabs around to social events.
  10. Double Fine Action Figures

    Plush lungfish would be awesome. They would go brilliantly with my army of stuffed headcrabs.