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  1. It is!! I don't see why you didn't just put Full Throttle on the very top and horizontal...
  2. My personal views are that I support putting the documentary out there. I also think that anyone that spent money on this should be happy that more people get to see it. I have payed for it to be made, not just getting to see it. I wonder if it could be distributed on other channels as well. It would be really cool if it were available on streaming services like Netflix or something, however I don't know how much needs to be done in order to get it there. I think that the most important thing about choosing wether to release the doc publicly or not is that it should be beneficial. Will 2PP or Double Fine earn anything after releasing it the way that is planned? When I backed the project some of the things I wanted to happen included Double Fine having more income later, so they would continue develop games, not just preordering a game and documentary...
  3. Spend as much time you need on this gem! It's nice how you constantly look for other means of funding, but what if you end up with making a game where all the potential customers already owns a copy when it comes out? I really hope this game will be a great success both for Double Fine financially and for the focus on the adventure genre. Also wondering how you'll deal with the Steam Early Access as apposed to the Pre-order? Wouldn't you need to charge customers less on Steam than you would for access to the Doc+Forums+Finished Game? I know that you will figure this out, now I have to go and watch Episode 10. All the best!
  4. I loved that post! I also like reading about interesting people on craigslist... (find inspiration everywhere) Some people write a lot of stuff about themselves...
  5. Seeing this becoming such a beautiful game I'd love to have the option to pause the game by pressing SPACE, (so maybe I could make a good screenshot to post on Steam,) maybe even rewinding a few seconds if i missed something could be a nice feature to add. I wouldn't mind keeping it traditional; Esc to skip cutscenes, Space to pause, F1 to Save/Load/Settings. I guess the settings could be accessible by mouse anyways.... And maybe we could have a a failsafe to skipping the cutscene? Like maybe pressing Shift+Esc?
  6. I wouldn't say that this is the case; if You head over to Game Trailers and Game Spot there's a lot of Double Fine exposure. That Game Informer came to visit, (I think,) is a statement on how special this game is, they seem to pry themselves in to do a lot of "first previews", I'm from Norway so I didn't really care for Game Informer, but I bought an iPad copy because of the GTA V exclusive. And I think that's the kind of press that is OK for something that isn't coning to be released in the next few weeks. I do not doubt that DF will do more press online when they are closing in on the release date. So don't worry I just wanted to ask a quick question while I'm in here: Is the Documentary Production Status thread not going to be updated anymore, or did it move to some other place perhaps? Thanks
  7. This is great stuff. I have a few things that I would like to know though... As she is looking to the screen right on this example will she just be mirrored when going towards the screen left? (Noticing the asymmetrical cloths) Is she wearing a male top on this state of the game? (While doing research for cloths on a short film I'm working on I've noticed that most female over folding clothes would fold the opposite way of the male equivalent.) If you do a image search on "women jacket" you should see that the right side usually folds over the left where the buttons are attached. I'm also interested in knowing if there are any considerations of doing a extra direction of lighting for the PC version? (Not to make the visuals compromised by the fact that the game is also on mobile.) Thanks.
  8. Technically there are... just look on google maps. They might not be listed as fjords, but compared to the Norwegian fjords Sweden has a few areas along their coast that basically does the same thing. However I'm interested in learning what they are if not Fjords...
  9. Yes, well, not through storage. This is gong of topic so if you nede to know more you'll have to pm me. Sorry for bringing it up.
  10. Did I mention how much I love links? Anyway; I don't understand how it wasn't braught up at one point, be it EA had the majority of the commercials being thrown out there. There's somebody trying to combine RTS with RPG on kickstarter now... And seems like it's probably going to fail. I gues that RTS might be a bit tabu in general. I hope it comes through though, but I don't see this as the channel to advertise, as I'd rather see folks' extra $ go to Red's
  11. Seriously, that's really not that much of a big deal. You almost never need your characters together all at once. And when you do the distance is pretty short.
  12. All things aside; what I missed from this game was a mini map, (or at least a compass,) during the stage battles. I can't say how many times I felt confused during a battle and head a different direction than intended. Especially battling Ophelia in the Valley. Also a way to jump over branches and small rocks or debris would have make exploring a little more enjoyable. I actually considered the metal world as more complete than the actual battle events. And to think they designed the wast land of metal to only cover multiplayer is really not something I believe in; so if I can be pointed to a legit article explaining this I'm very interested in reading it. Brutal is among the few games I can honestly say have character, and that is awesome. Was it the game I expected? No. Was it marketed correctly? No. I think 90% of the bitching about bl is due to EAs marketing. Yes , DF fans would buy it regardless of marketing, but EA insisted to present it as an Action Adventure. Even the playable demo didn't tell anything about what to expect of mechanics. I think more RTS fans woul have pre-ordered if the RTS had been hyped up earlier. And maybe guys like the OP wouldn't buy it and try to ruin it for the rest of the world. Consider most of reviews being done by someone expecting sandbox action adventure ala Double Fines GTA, reviews are extremely good. People are allowed to dislike the game of course. But I'm willing to think that the OP really hasn't payed attention everywhere, neither the community nor the game, I still want to welcome OP to the forums and suggest that being constructive rather than destructive is preferred, at least by me. I'm interested in hearing what people like or dislike, but no only that; I want to know why.
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