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  1. Thank you but I know all about game testing. I know its not fun. I am currently in 3 betas including warhammers online. I know about that site -- please stop telling me how horrible game testing is because I tend to ignore those comments.
  2. I also have some experience in C# making 2D games (Just to throw that in there) Yeah I would like to save some money to relocate to a better place.. and no its not scarey to me. I just flew from Ohio to California first time flying and was alone. 3 stop flight and 1 of the flights was an old puddle jumper (SP).
  3. Well thanks for the comment but I don't have the money to relocate closer right now.. I guess I will just continue my search and find out what my options are. I guess I wouldnt really mind if I was testing "Web Based Games" as it would atleast be a start. Do you know where I could find someone who might be hiring for that?
  4. Okay I've been searching the Net for a while to find some lead to getting a job as a Home-Based game tester. I realise most companys have the In-House game testing only.. but I still have not given up. I'll admit this is my first time on this site. But I have heard a lot about this site from other sites. I have Currently signed up with many sites in search of a Job as a Game Tester (or QA Tester). I just turned 18 a couple days ago (August 22nd) and have since been trying to find a job as a Home Based game tester. A couple weeks ago I moved From Ohio out to [NAS] Lemoore, California to live with my sister and brother in-law and hopefully get some kind of Home Based Game Tester Job. I have been gaming since I was 3 or 4 owning a lot of Game systems: -NES -SNES -N64 -NGC -SEGA GENISIS -SEGA DREAMCAST -PS1 -PS2 -XBOX360 -GAMEBOY -GAMEBOY ADVANCE -NINTENDO DS Gaming has been my life -- I currently am a High School Grad who has been playing Game Consoles for 14-15 years and learning a lot of computers for 10-11 years. I even took a 2 year Tech Prep class on computers in high school. I may not have any degrees and have not previously tested any games but everyones got to start somewhere right? I have been looking into it but I havent found any Gaming Companies that have places for me to test nearby so I have been looking into Home-Based Testing. If you guys could let me know if you do Home-Based Testing or send me in the Right Direction it would be much appreciated. (I have also made a Resume [any good tips on that would be appreciated as well]) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I would also like to throw this in. I have researched this Job quite a bit I have found in-house Jobs with EA and Square Enix that I just don't live near enough to do. I know how this job is tedious work and your Job is to actually Break the game --finding ways for it to crash -- finding bugs and reporting them -- and sometimes giving feedback on whether you think it will be fun for other gamers and what you like and don't like. -- I'm also aware that game testers site and play the same game every day for months on end. (Also that Entry Level Testers make low money). I'm really not as interested right now for testing for money (although it would be that extra cash to help pay for my sisters groceries and bills) but I know my first game testing Job will help me become more experianced in this field of work. If you guys could help me as to how to go about finding a Home-Based Game Testing Job it would be very much appreciated because I have searched for hours on end and have mainly just found a bunch of spam about getting Jobs which have led me nowhere. ____________________________________________________________________ (((( I Wasn't fully sure where to post this so I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum )))) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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