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  1. The Escapist released a new featured article today. It is a pretty good read. The feature talks of Tim, DF, and the game we can't wait to play, BrĂ¼tal Legend! (*insert fan-girl "squee!"*) Link: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/issues/issue_182/5614-Backstage-with-Tim-Schafer
  2. milla's room is fine i don't mind i just need a little help writing one for the milk man now oh and i started a page on Little Oly if anyone wants to step in and share
  3. Yess! Another Guild fan! That show was great but all the actors are busy and felicia barely has time to play mmos orwrite the show at the moment
  4. I love ZeroPunctuation! He has the same game tastes as me: Portal, Psychonauts, Prince of Persia <3 Too bad he is an Aussie though. They get a bad deal when it comes to importing games ALso anyone here a fan of Unforgotten Realms. I swear, I am such dork for knowing all the lingo and minor jokes.
  5. ah yes...:down: i remember the days of dial up. I was quite content with it until I was bitten by the mmo bug. Its poison seeped into my veins, to the point I got off my butt and found a job to feed the addiction. Now I am enslaved to try everyone that crosses my path. From Ragnarok to EvE, Lineage to Anarchy, I play what I can. ...great, now I have the urge to draw an MMO bug enslaving ppl >,<;
  6. Hey any of you guys happen to play WoW? Just looking for some new ppl to talk to about the game. Post your Allegiance and server if you do. We can get more into detail after that As for me I am a Horde on Sargeras.
  7. DinkyTiny

    CHoo CHoooo

    ALL Aboard!!!! Next stop DF studios! Yeah,....Masquerade posted the Yatzee Tim Train and I had to take it one step further ;-P And be sure to check out Yatzee on Zero Punctuation! @ The Escapist Magazine http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/zeropunctuation/1368-Zero-Punctuation-Psychonauts
  8. I framed mine the night i got it and i've enjoyed it ever since ^-^
  9. Yes there did need to be more scenes with raz's dad he was a good character ^-^ I like the mask you designed m. Shadoe I think she is really sweet and i can just picture her talking and hanging out in the main lodge
  10. sounds interesting and yeah psytainium in the bloodstream would mess you up kinda bad now that I am thinking about it basicly short circut your mind also love your psychonaut keyblade
  11. Hey guys, I am sure we have all thought of this at one time or another, being the creative fans we are: What kind of charcter would you be in Psychonauts? I am not talking about "I'd be Raz" or "I see myself totally as Dr. Loboto". I am talking about you or your own character. Just thinking of them is not enough though. To show just how devote, skilled, and creative we are, let's post some character sheets, illustrations, etc. I know a few of you already have some art like this flying around the net. Feel free to post them again here. No limit to how many pics you can post or what media. From the contests I have seen great carving, painting, crafting skills so don't feel restricted by pen and paper. Go nuts! Its a great way to show our ideas and maybe our art/concepts will inspire the DF team too. Well don't just sit there, lets, doodle, craft, draw, sculpt, paint and post! Starter ideas to churn your brain: ~ Whispering Rock camper ~ Circus performer ~ Asylum personel ~ Psychonaut secret agent (Action Shark, I'm not quite sure if this goes in fan art so feel free to move the thread if necessary. If its good leave it and i'll erase this small caption. Thanks!)
  12. true true *nods in agreement* i thnk after this, my 2nd favorite banner would be "Action shark" or "squirrel dinner thanksgiving"
  13. I think DF is really living up to their new year's resolution. Don't you? i think 2hb could use a helmet and a gun though just to add that extra bit of bada$$ *correction: "helmets" ^_~
  14. "For Freedom! Freedom! FreeedUm!" ~Lungfish Resistance and many MANY more, but for now off to work i go ^-^
  15. oh but clothes are great if you get certain pieces >_< *i got a kochamera shirt and a but of other great geek gifties
  16. ^-^ that line art is so cute i am going to have to color it now ...hm or have my class color it for animal week at work >,< that would be great
  17. Yay! My art is relevant today
  18. Great work! what color wheels do you plan on adding?
  19. Hell Gate London- graphics were kick a$$ awsome but then they pushed/rushed the game to be released on Halloween. it ended up killing the game for me b/c there was so much obviously incomplete or poorly thought out :[
  20. ^,^ looks awsome sugar bot keep up the good work!
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