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  1. Nope, I have dial up. I would give it a shot though, if I could. MMOs are a fascinating beast, what with the social interactions, addictive properties, persistent world, real world economy, etc.

    ah yes...:down:

    i remember the days of dial up.

    I was quite content with it until I was bitten by the mmo bug.

    Its poison seeped into my veins, to the point I got off my butt and found a job to feed the addiction.

    Now I am enslaved to try everyone that crosses my path. From Ragnarok to EvE, Lineage to Anarchy, I play what I can.

    ...great, now I have the urge to draw an MMO bug enslaving ppl >,<;

  2. Hey guys,

    I am sure we have all thought of this at one time or another, being the creative fans we are:

    What kind of charcter would you be in Psychonauts?

    I am not talking about "I'd be Raz" or "I see myself totally as Dr. Loboto".

    I am talking about you or your own character.

    Just thinking of them is not enough though.

    To show just how devote, skilled, and creative we are, let's post some character sheets, illustrations, etc.

    I know a few of you already have some art like this flying around the net.

    Feel free to post them again here.

    No limit to how many pics you can post or what media.

    From the contests I have seen great carving, painting, crafting skills so don't feel restricted by pen and paper.

    Go nuts!

    Its a great way to show our ideas and maybe our art/concepts will inspire the DF team too.

    Well don't just sit there, lets, doodle, craft, draw, sculpt, paint and post!

    Starter ideas to churn your brain:

    ~ Whispering Rock camper

    ~ Circus performer

    ~ Asylum personel

    ~ Psychonaut secret agent

    (Action Shark, I'm not quite sure if this goes in fan art so feel free to move the thread if necessary. If its good leave it and i'll erase this small caption. Thanks!)

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