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  1. Headroom, your list is awsome. I know all of the cartoons you mentioned , except for Captain N. Batman: TAS is #1 on my list (owns all of the episodes) and Reboot is one of cartoons that i'll never forget. I just wish the seasons would come out on DvD. My tapes are old and choppy and one episode was recorded over with Bump in the Night Ah, I miss all the old claymations. The Adv. of Mark Twain, California Rasins, Abc commercials, PJs,(original) Celebrity Deatmatch etc. They had a style all their own, and man were they entertaining.
  2. I know i thought is was hilarious he was the "innocent" one Also Ford's intro was funny too
  3. okay the manatee one is an instant fave and I may just have to draw it
  4. now that would sell in hot topic even to ppl who aren't fans of the game ^_~ Nice thinking Fuck Hot Topic. That's right. I said it. And I meant it. Fuck people who shop there, too. I agree but we are trying to make money for our beloved Double Fine so they can pump out the games we all love so much <3
  5. Okay, I see a few threads about cartoons and I got to wondering, "What other cartoons do ppl like aroud here?" There are so many out there and we aren't all from the same region. Feel free to discuss and answer a few questions. Examples: What cartoons did you grow up with? List your All time favorites. Which character do you see yourself as?
  6. YES! Oh, I want one now >,< Yeah! I would want a pack of like, ten of them so I could have my own little bunny army sitting on and around my computer :lol: 0,0 we need these stat!!! That is an awsome idea >,< *craves a lil bunny army of her own*
  7. now that would sell in hot topic even to ppl who aren't fans of the game ^_~ Nice thinking
  8. ^.^ Such a cute picture I love Nein's expression of discomfort <3
  9. hm... not much of a crunchy pretzel person but a warm soft one with nacho cheese and a large drink
  10. Hey Guys, The SN is DinkyTiny. I am a 21 year old Texan woman on a mission to find her true calling. I currently have SIX jobs at the moment. You read right,6. I am employed as an Early preschool teacher @ a Primrose Private Pre-K, work as a chef for Al-Amir of Dallas, maid for a private household, graphic designer for Vipar Ventures inc., babysitter for 5 families, and freelance comission work. I'm a very busy girl. ^^; Currently, taking classes at a comunity college, but I have yet to decide on a major. Been playing videogames, since I could pick up a crayon. I play wide variety of games, including fps, puzzle, action, strategy, mmorpg, etc., and on almost every system. All Time Favorite Games: 1. Knights into Dreams 2. Psychonauts 3. Resident Evil 4 4. D 5. Quake III See you around the forums, ~DT
  11. I was just thinking of the head ^^' And yes we NEED Mr.Pokeylope in a snuggable form! <3
  12. Really?! I would love to see it, Blue <3
  13. Okay, I have no clue, But Somehow this Amv actually works Psychonauts+Chicago=ROFL watch and enjoy *The ending is the best part with Boyd
  14. Oh another great shirt would be black with white lettering saying, " And the sea shall run white with his rage..." and there can be a bottle of spilled milk below it
  15. *poke tob with a stick* (>'.')>------ <(-.-)> yes you do
  16. ah the fun of white text lol and i don't think so welcome to the club Toblix
  17. He'd have to have a birthday cake to go with him ^^ Pokeylope loves cake <3
  18. a whole G-man set would be AWSOME! >,< There are a lot of great quotes in that level. Which quotes would you add to a g-man shirt? I'd like one saying," I am making pie."
  19. Okay boys and gals, What tees are you willing to buy from teh Double Fine Shop of the Future? Personally, I want a black Linda shirt with lil' hot pink hearts.
  20. This is the new Sh**...in my pants (M. Manson) Beautiful things..in my pants (Andain)
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