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  1. ^,^ why not? Tim is deviously creative like that *nods*
  2. ^-^ that is a great idea Tikara! I can basicly see it now on store shelves <3
  3. donk i really love your style <3
  4. thanks it took me forever to get the expression right ^^; he's harder to draw than he seems
  5. Really? I'm actually kinda creep'd out by your current avy to be honest. It is like a furry trying to devour my soul by starring at me through the internets (while sadistically fanning herself to mock me) !! Never quite saw it that way o.0; *runs off and hides then wanders back* although, i am interested in finding you lost ico May :-/ care to shine some light on it?
  6. a G-man plush would be cool and Twil what would you think of the mega censor as a pillow? do you think he'd be better/easier to make?
  7. 1. Psychonauts 2. Resident Evil 4 3. Gitaroo Man 4. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness 5. Final Fantasy IX
  8. I just found that dogan art you mentioned, HR ^^It was cute so i faved it on DA thanks for telling me
  9. any chance we can see a set of the personal baggage or enemies (inner demons, censors, etc)?
  10. Cherry Lips...In my pants (garbage) Wind it up...in my pants (gwen steffani) Nemo..in my pants (nightwish) lol
  11. ^^ i have a lot more pics with Jaz and the crew, but they are only in the sketch phase I think the next one i finish, will be them being chased by a giant crab or crayfish from the lake lol Or Raz trying to talk with my other character, Chief Running Water. ;-)
  12. I want to in the future, but i am still trying to explore all my options I have like 6jobs atm (no j/k) and so far i seem to be good at all of them ^^;
  13. Always a great option. :smirk: A fanart contest would be good with that voting system ^-^
  14. The wrestlers would be soo easy to make, since they're nothing but decorated ovals. (maybe i could try making one *thinks*) 8-/
  15. Okay, Don't you just want to cuddle and snuggle with a 2HB pillow or plush? Especially, if he was made into one of those microbead "Squish" pillows!!! They would be an Excellent addition to the DF Shop. And why stop there?! Let's have a Rainbow Squirt or Pokeylope pillow to match!!! What other charcters do you think they should make into a plush or pillow?
  16. Just as long as Me....in my pants (jonathan coulton) Creepy doll..in my pants (jonathan coulton) Code Monkey ....in my pants (jonathan coulton) :lol:
  17. Chicken Mole Torta is CMT which also stands for country music television which could be related to music since rock and roll heaven was posted earlier :-/ my thoughts are that a music game is in the works
  18. Beep...in my pants (PCDs) I feel fantastic...in my pants (Jonathan Coulton)
  19. Okay student-wise I would have to go with Elton. He'd confuse you, by calling a poor innocent lil' lungfish with big puppy dog eyes. You hit it,and Linda appears behind you, swallows you up then spits you out like bad garbage XP Another one would be Maloof. You would be dazed while Maloof uses a cell. Then you'd here a car screech, some mafia guys come from behind, stick you in a trunk before speeding away! Maloof then walks off screen casually
  20. you know whats better than cows... AN ACTION CONTEST! they should have design(logo/shirt), post, and trivia contests here every now and then but i guess it is a little too early to suggest that since the DFAF is still in its two-headed infancy <3 2HB
  21. Pokeylope girlie shirts would sell out like hotcakes! But what I want is a black girlie T with Linda graphic surrounded by hotpink hearts its so odd and out there its sure to have some sales <3
  22. Okay I admit it... I bought Psychonauts twice as well. ^^; Ps2 and PC....I couldn't resist >.< I love the game soo much and I found at a HalfPrice Book store for 6 dollars... New! Now the Pc Copy is sitting brandnew on my computer desk, in front of my signed poster ^____^ I'm a happy camper. <3 All I need now are some figurines, to make my lil corner complete. ^,~
  23. Yeah, Kochamara really reminds me of Kamen Rider or Super-human Samurai. also H.D., your milkman sig is the Best! lol
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