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  1. Wow, this forum has gone from empty to full in only a couple of days. ...full of hate. Anyway, how about the top thread isn't the one about how much everybody sucks? Let's start a happy thread with jokes and flash games or something! Also, I think the reason everyone's so angry is that the forum is too fragmented. I mean, ten forums? Why is Double Fine Action Comics a separate forum? Why are there two General Discussion forums? Am I the only one who think it's crazy and has the balls to say it here, and not on the Double Fine Website / Forums Forum?
  2. You know what this forum needs? Less forums. There's no point in dividing everything into categories when only ten people are posting. It makes it tedious to stay a jour. That's right, a jour. So, why not just put everything in one or two forums, for example one for on-topic posts and one for off-topic? It's crazy and risky, but you know what? It might just work. Also, some critique: Why are there angle brackets in the post toolbar when the forum uses square ones?
  3. Hey, I was playing Psychonauts when you were wearing short pants.
  4. No, I only came here because a girl told me Double Fine was run by a bunch of salty Norwegians.
  5. The awesomest thing is that they only censor it when outputting it, so "cunt" is still stored in whatever form of persistent storage they use. Maybe they're planning to remove the censoring when they grow some fucking balls. No, I'm just kidding. I know nobody would publish their games if they allowed cursing in the forums.
  6. No, no, I do boring enterprise software stuff. The closest I get to making games at work is registering validation listeners on domain controls. I've always tried making games at home, though, ever since I tried QBasic, but I've never actually gotten close to finishing anything, which makes me very special and unique.
  7. It seems everyone here just loves Double Fine. Well, not me.
  8. So, am I the only one here who doesn't want to work in games? Why would I want to waste my skill and talent on creating life-ruining murder simulators when I can apply them to developing business-critical enterprise software solutions that enable businesses to leverage their-- ah, who am I killing, I would kid to do computer games! I probably never will though, so instead I post on forums. Also, is this forum still so small that I need to say hello? And can I swear here?cuntExploitive?!
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