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  1. *TWITCHES AT OVERLY SENSITIVE GRAMMAR ARGUMENTS AND POLICING* @scarecrow I have been good Sewing like a mad woman, bending spoons at psychic camp (jk), figuring out my life and studying and growing as a person. thanks for asking XDDDD How have you been Scarecrow? (btw LOVE the Rory wedding icon ) How has the forum been while I was gone? Anything amazing happen to you all while I was gone?
  2. if there were a fabric of brutal legend i would make an epic gown with mini axes (guitars) for embellishment.... ...... I WILL MAKE THIS NOW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH (rampage)
  3. That would be EPIC WIN! I am going to make a brutal legend Apron even IF there is no printed fabric in existence! MWAHAHAHAHa *falls on the ground, foaming at the mouth*
  4. I want Brutal legend so BAD!! Unfortunately i do not have an xbox nor a ps3, will it ever go to the PC Tim? (i will make some bacon if it does~ ) BTW, YOU ALL ROCK!!!!
  5. i censored beaver dam and thx everyone, i am still undead as of late, i have been so busy that u hardly could go interneting! --___-- but it was so EPIC! when i met TIM the holy BEARD SCHAFER i first saw his shirt (doublefine) said "awesome shirt" then i saw his face and i was like *gape* OMG!
  6. i watched apple play, it was so crowded when i arrived, but i NEED IT! ...although i dont have a 360..... i still NEEEEEEEEEEEED ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! and thx brutal bill
  7. I had an awesome time at pax!! it was the most epic thing EVAR!!! i had so much fun that earlier today (noonish) i started feeling different. By the time i am posting this, i got home and checked my temperature, i am officially HOT! at 102 degrees thats why they call me miss farenheight! What an interesting way to end pax. don't worry tim, i felt completely healthy on the first 2 days. it came on today, sunday.
  8. i am fixing up my lili costume to make it a tad better (sry, i am now undead to the forums )
  9. when ever i see a lamp that is like the one in nein's mind i think of psychonauts, so when i watch an episode of firefly, i think of psychonauts. when i see Apple pop, i think of psychonauts too
  10. (i want The world ends with you) I hope to be on more, i am just swamped with stuff to do.... (3 essays, a test, and finals, and i have to read 600 pages of a book by tomorrow morning, and that is just for tomorrow.... T_T) ....me is tired.. my brainings-es are bad at time now. Head splitting in two.....strange door on forehead....how it get thAR? *falls over*
  11. yes it would, but not to worry, i am a metal ZOMBIE!!! so, i will not suck your blood ....today...but may i munch upon your brains? just a widdle bit....?
  12. i died and now i have returned to the land of awesome that is doublefine!! i have missed this holy place and i hope to once again post on these hallowed grounds . so, fyi I am actually ALIVE now that is...!!!
  13. lol, yeah, and I have been in a magical land of sewing and school work. Attempts at stealing my soul were counted at 23 durring the september days. Luckely, I have escaped and am now on the run. Hopefully I am not captured again. Sorry for not being on lately. Evil school and stuff!!!! (watch out for your soul~~) (well, on the picture of the guy (the link picture, he looks like the gman) I think that it is funny that My dad calls me to tell me this, woot, go gamer dads!!! (CAN'T WAIT FOR FAALLOUT 3 AND DEAD SPACE !!!!!! *exclaimation point*)
  14. MY dad JUST called me and told me to go to this video....this senator IS the gman!!! (half-life) lol, double antandra (SP) http://www.foxnew.com/video/index.html 2nd row (if not changed by now) the title of the video says "second times the charm?" OMG, Gman!!!!
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