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  1. I was led to believe that these new fangled forums would help me find two of the same colored socks in the dark. I can confirm that this is true*!!! *all white socks were in one place and individual experiences may vary.
  2. Wifekinesis- Ability to recall not so important facts that upset you, from years before, in precise detail.
  3. I think that it would be pretty neat if a teenage Eddie Riggs (pre-Brutal Legend) ended up being a security guard or something that suits him being a bouncer or material handler for the Psychonauts HQ and Raz having a side quest of entering his mind to help him with whatever troubles that may be on his mind. I think that Raz should be equipped with a small grenade called The BFF (no, not best friends forever) "Brain Fart Frag" to momentarily freeze time while he is in the mind of any character. This would allow Raz to reach areas of difficult platforming easier and maybe boost his shield.. maybe like a Super Mario invincibility star? Another idea would be a brain freeze cannon. It would shoot ice cream (scoops, cones, ice cream sandwiches, banana splits, etc) at an enemy's head causing disorientation and pain.. but while they are in agony of pain the characters would happily say what flavors of ice cream they like. "Ow, Ow, OWWWW... this hurts SOOO bad, but I love Chocolate Fudge Swirl Ice Cream!!!" The ice cream could be called "Brain N Jarries" (Brain In Jars) as a pun-tastic take on Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. There could be a level where it is in a large scary grocery or department store. The character would remember being a child and having felt the loss of their surroundings/parents/friends. The store would be in constant Black Friday mode with all sorts of interesting characters and Sales People trying to get you to sign your life away by applying to their credit card. If this idea gets made, then I would like to see the environment set-up to look like Walmart and Best Buy had a baby please. The sales people would act like the ghosts on Super Mario. When you look, they freeze. When you look away, they come at you. JUST LIKE REAL LIFE! The door greater could be a Thanksgiving Turkey dressed in Emo clothing. Just because. Don't ask. Fun platformy levels could include Airport Freight distribution (like fedex/ups) think of the winding conveyor belts, tug trucks, airplanes, etc.. The character could suffer from a case of dyslexia and constantly be sending packages, trucks, and planes to the wrong destinations. Raz would have to solve the puzzles to get all of the packages to their right destinations. Maybe an super hero themed amusement park to make fun at all of the comic inspired movies that are out lately? Have the character be a collector of comics that has insecurity issues with others but become the hero herself/himself if Raz helps out. The character could have a split personality disorder and switch between hero and villain stories which would change the dynamic of Raz's ability to maneuver through the environments. Mad Scientist Level V2.0 Syringes, beakers, flasks, bubbles, smoke. This time it wouldn't be a ward, it would be a lab with more and more labs. Why? Because science. Food critic level. Character suffers from OCD. Levels made out of a mess of foods like strings of spaghetti and pizza everywhere. The mess has literally drove the character mad. Collect the pizza toppings throughout the level and fit those into a giant Pizza like a puzzle. Everything has it's place. Or does it? The color of my sky is silver. It is the lining of my mind. Thanks for reading DFAFers.
  4. I uh....would very much like to forget that.... On rainy days Olympic Deli would be nice enough to let us use their restrooms. Speaking of which they made great BLT's....and I'm pretty sure Matt Franklin once saved that place from burning down. And since we left, it burned down..... I'm amazed so many of you stuck it out, to be honest. Unlike SOME losers we know... That is one weird outtie belly button. Must have been awkward in gym class as a kid.
  5. Maybe it's one of those investor people from the show, Shark Tank.. **runs around flailing arms in air like a crazy person **
  6. Question for the fine, Double Fine creators of Psychonauts 2: Will Psychonauts 2 explain what happens in Rhombus of Ruin for those who will not get to experience the PS4 VR story? As a prologue or perhaps a non-VR DLC for Psychonauts 2. I only ask because I do not and will not have the PS4 VR or PS4, but I would like to know what happened since I had played Psychonauts on Xbox/Steam and will be playing Psychonauts 2 on Xbox One/Steam. It would kind of suck to not know how Truman Zanatto is rescued considering the end of the original Psychonauts. Thanks, if there is an answer to this.
  7. HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PANTS????!!! -Old User of the original flock. NO PANTS IN HERE JUST MY FANCY HAT Does that hat have a brown racing stripe down the back? Just wondering..
  8. HAS ANYONE SEEN MY PANTS????!!! -Old User of the original flock.
  9. "This is how you do the No-Pants-Dance!!" (Been awhile everyone.. 1111)
  10. There you have it folks, it's NOT - A - TRAP. Besides, anyone who has a doublefine.com email addy gets instant props. Furthermore, if you could wear leopard print spandex pants with rhinestone cuffs to work all day like these guys, you would too right?! Point is, don't be naive or crass and work with the people who are here to help in whatever fashion they can. Best of luck on the situation here to all. Resident DFAF Original, Headroom.
  11. I don't know how weird it is, but I know that either way- it's groovy because it's Bruce Campbell.
  12. Dearest Tim Schafer, What do you think of Ron Gilbert's "DeathSpank" and would you like to venture into the downloadable games genre with an original Double Fine game? Sincerely, Granny "Don't call me Margret, Gertrude, Edna, Ethel, or Agatha" Grunt.
  13. Hello to those whom do not already know of me. My name is Headroom. I still like french toast and Double Fine video games. I bid thee welcome to the newb overlords of the DFAF! Since I don't frequent as often as I use to, I would like to add that I really want Double Fine to make an Xbox Live Arcade original game. Please. See: "DeathSpank" for what I am referring to in regards to original.. and awesome. Actually, it would be interesting to see a variation of Psychonauts in the storybook-pop-up artstyle of 2D/3D environment.
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