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    I sit on my comp for hours a day working on 3d objects or scenes in 3ds max and one day i hope to work for Double Fine or some other place but my main goal is to be part of the DF team <center> <img src="http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a42/codyread/TJ.gif" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"><br><br> </center>
  1. I was slightly down fir the first five seconds of the video but then jack black was like HELL YEAH! so i said the same.... read more at gofios.blogspot.com lol for real tho i wrote about it.....
  2. Yeah i plan on picking this up(Gamefly style) but i heard that they removed all the blood...and isnt that what made killer 7 good(Wouldn't know i never played it)
  3. System of a Down isnt really hardcore..right? anyways you want some hard core music check this. http://youtube.com/watch?v=7BOp9w_Y6pI Its the opening Theme and ending Theme for Death Note Great show but this song has some odd words the part where he says the same thing over and over he is saying "Hey hey Human sucker, Hey hey Human Fu*ker!" and then gets hard core and i dont feel like translating but yeah its hard core.
  4. yep played em both and one other but i cant remember the other name but you were like a headghog and you Go To the Beach! with grandma anyone wanna help?
  5. two things. one! SLIMER Is A FU#$ING PIMP! Two this game will be greatness!!!!!!!!!1
  6. i hear ya there man i need to finish my xmas animation but like iv been busy so i havent put the final stuff on it or fixed the lights yet
  7. I'm going to guess we'll get a matching spinning top to go with my yo-yo, and probably another floaty pen. If Double Fine Action Figures were going to be considered, I would personally prefer them to be tiny trophies. Or bobble heads. But only if they came out with normal Action Figures with kung-fu grip first. i have nothing to say about the subject at hand but your Sig is freaking SICK! i love that show!
  8. if you pull his cheek out till its a lil rounder it could look better but then again this is why i fail at faces LOL
  9. its pretty sick man im having an insane time trying to make hands and faces
  10. Lol thanks but i wish i had a tablet so i could make the flames look more like flames lol but yeah its not hard to learn Tikara you just need 3ds max and photoshop but they are Pricey
  11. puts me to shame(For now anyways ) what program did you use?
  12. That really is not too difficult considering how early on it is in the Wii's ''great releases'' department. Lolz but yeah no i said Possibly mario. i havent played enough of it yet to say i liked or hated it. tho the whole running on worlds is kinda cool the fuc*ing camera is a pain! more than half the time i run off the side of the planet not knowing the ledge ended. also the gravity its not to bad but on that square world where you have to step on the "!" to turn them into "?" i died more times than i most likely will the rest of the game cuz the camera was sideways and i couldnt judge my jumping from the change of gravity. other that that the game is still fun im enjoying the boss battles even tho its by a far to easy to beat them i still give the game like a 8 or 7 and a half, but yeah halo3 sucks ballz.
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