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  1. I have a copy of Enemy Mind from the Extra Credits bundle, which I don't need for fairly obvious reasons. =P Figured I'd drop it off here among my old buds. https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=6upTEbyewhd2BXaA If you play it, let me know what you think!
  2. It used to be possible to change your name by turning off CSS on the user properties page, or something like that. Hot knew how to do that. I had just used it to continuously change the title part of my name. King Wakamakamu, Pope Wakamakamu...
  3. I think the citadel plan is the best plan. Don't be mean, even if she turns out to be 56 and from north korea. They need kindness more than anyone.
  4. Gamasutra is my website of choice, though I tend to also splice in IGN for contrast
  5. My internet is "down." My computer reports that it can't reach the DNS server, and I can't access facebook, reddit, twitter, anything. ...But I can access the Double Fine website. And clearly a live version as I am able to sign in and post. It's a mystery to me, too.
  6. Bowsers towe at the end of the game reminds me of nothing more than Biff's Pleasure Palace.
  7. In all seriousness I am currently working to collect all the flags, stars, and stamps in order to get to the crown world. So soon I will know your hardcores.
  8. Doing Christmas Chores Take a break to browse the Net Post one time then leave
  9. Thirding Mother 3 and that the fan-made patch is awesome. Also Ace Attorney Investigations.
  10. But who feels the feelers? Keep it safe for work, Feddlefew. An insect would be very put off by your comment.
  11. Suprised no one has suggested Game of Thrones for the new IP yet, as that would fit perfectly into their general direction.
  12. I also enjoyed Arkham Asylum far more than Arkham City, mainly because I actually felt more like Batman in Arkham Asylum -- Batman is powerful, but the shear amount of gadgets that were thrown at me in Arkham City made me less feel like I was being resourceful and more like I was throwing a bunch of crap at my opponents. (With the exception of the Mr. Freeze fight. That was well done.) Also, I'd say that Arkham Asylum was far closer to Metroid than any of the Zelda games. The Assassins Creed comparison is pretty accurate, though. Currently playing Ace Attorney: Duel Destinies. Athena is cool and I like playing as her much more than I liked playing as Apollo.
  13. I actually have to agree that Lily and Larry were both pretty dynamic characters. They were both pretty much unlikable, obviously, especially Larry, but the things they did made sense and worked for me. Since we seem to be talking about the Walking Dead now, I actually think chapter 2 was stronger than the rest of the game put together. The rest of the game was good, but Chapter 2 worked as a very cohesive short story and had possibly the most interesting build. The twist was predictable, but the final showdown was super satisfying. Anyway, I'll never argue that the game was perfect. I, too, would have liked the game to branch more. But I do think the characters were strong, and most of the action in the game made sense in regards to where these character are coming from.
  14. This. There is no difference in Kenny hating you and Kenny loving you. You get a different line here and there but you are still with him for some reason. Maybe because he was popular amongst the [del]forumite[/del] Communitymembers. Doubt it. No one really liked Kenny. I liked Kenny! Anyway, I guess I just find there to be value in people liking me beyond them changing the course of my destiny in real life, and that carried into the game.
  15. So, I mean, what that sounds like to me is a failure to suspend disbelief, which is something all dramatic media asks. I donno, I can't make you project yourself into the game better, but that does explain a lot about why you wouldn't enjoy it.
  16. I give them story design and world design for TWD and TWaU. I just don't see why I would want to play those games instead of just watching. They are too streamlined and offer no challenge for the player as opposed to a viewer. Challenge in the form of difficulty isn't the only form of challenge, though. Emotionally engaging and making decisions and deciding how you would react is also a form of "challenge," one I think you underestimate. It's true that both those games are really streamlined, but as I've said before, that doesn't change the fact that playing them is emotionally different from watching them for a large amount of people, including me. How should I engage with the lumberjack vs. how did bigby engage with the lumberjack. They are certainly also enjoyable to watch though which is a perk, it's a game my friends can watch me play and enjoy doing so. (For the record, I also would have loved to see King's Quest from TellTale. But really, guys, there is a lot of value to this direction as well.)
  17. Just watch it on youtube. Same experience. Disagree entirely =P The very act of doing things yourself makes it different, even if what you are doing is limited. (This is a general video game thing, not just for Wolf) And I found the stuff I was doing in Wolf to be not so limited in regards to choices? Talking to people and choosing what to say is interesting to me. Knowing that you liked Walking Dead, hot, you'd probably like this more.
  18. So I just played this. I digged it. It's the Gameplay from the Walking Dead, unsurprisingly, but it has a strong and different personality. Curious to see where it will go from here.
  19. Well, not necessarily true. Agnosticism is a thing, which is what I am. My personal position is that it doesn't matter if there is a god or not, good things are good in themselves. If there is a god, we can only hope he/she/it rewards good actions, if he doesn't we are screwed. Either way, we need to find a way to make a positive impact on the world that ultimately doesn't depend on a deity's will. (Reading the above post... I would probably be a "MOSTLY secular humanist")
  20. I liked it a lot. It's direction was unexpected but really interesting. I like the way everyone is becoming intertwined. I think the show has gotten a lot better since they started exploring the past. It was always good, but the heart has been coming out more.
  21. Metal Gear Solid is a pretty great series. I'm a huge fan of 3, in particular. That said, I'm hesitant about 5. Many things about it are really putting me off. It seems like it's taking itself too seriously, and then there is the whole Quiet thing... ugh.
  22. So quick response, Fallacies are a way to point out the way you are supporting your argument is not logical. If someone is using them to just assume your conclusion is false, they are using them wrong -- only if your argument was supported by nothing BUT fallacies, which yours is not, would it be grounds to throw it out. However, that does not discount the value of detecting and avoiding fallacies in your own thoughts and avoiding them, because they make everything you say more reasonable. And on another note, I just looked up The Last Express, and it looks pretty awesome. ...Actually it has a bit of overlap with a project I am working on, so I'll have to play it for research. (though puzzles is probably not one of them)
  23. I mean, it exists for a reason. Certain patterns of conversation do nothing to help develop feelings or rational opinions. So here you are conflating becoming less complex with devolving. Becoming less complex is a totally viable option for evolution -- there are many advantages to streamlining your design. And this is me speaking as a professional game designer, okay? SEE THAT. I APPEALED TO AUTHORITY... ON MYSELF. But you shouldn't care because calling that a fallacy is pointless debate speak =P Okay, backing out of the convo now =P (Jenni below has the ultimate point, I think. That's where I personally stand.)
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