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  1. oh man, you're in shit now. Yes there needs to be like 2/3 forums max, and less moronic banter filling them.
  2. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah see that? that's about as useful as this entire thread and all 300 of your posts miss mayhem.
  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see! OK, well in that case then I'll stop and apologize, you've made me see the error of my ways Apple Pop! I didn't realize all these people were real, maybe it's because i hoped that the human race wasn't quite so doomed.
  4. WTF ARE you talking about dude? You clearly know absolutely nothing about anything at all, I'd love to hear your game concept though, I bet you could be the next Will Wright if only your head wasn't stuck up your own ass. You know a guy who knows a guy? Brilliant, you're clearly the number one resource of all information on the planet, man, delete Wikipedia, let's all just install Cheez on a throne and ask him questions all day. and wait a second, EA and Midway or Acclaim are the only companies near you but yet you have no where within reach to go pitch? dude do us all a favour and stfu. Oh and what do we have here? xbob42 again with this entirely useful comment No shit really? Xbob42: winner of this year's captain obvious contest for dribbling spastics. *sigh* OK so, to Lengero, you have a pretty good idea of what testing is about. Qualifications for it are generally proof that you can communicate the bug effectively (good writing skills, good communication in general), and a solid understanding of gaming helps a lot too Yes it can be boring as hell, but it is also really fun sometimes. Testing from home is very, very rare as companies don' t like their builds leaving the studios. Public beta testing will look good on your resume though, but if you really want a job testing, moving is the only real way, unless you get very lucky. Wages are generally low, and testers are often treated like crap, but not always, and depending on the company you might have a good chance of moving up from inside. feel free to pm me if you have any queries about games testing, although I appear to be an arrogant bastard shitting on everyone in this forum, It's actually only a handful of people pushing me over the edge, and I can potentially offer some advice about CVs and skills you should start perfecting!
  5. You're all obsessed with these so called 'mean' people, are you all 7 year olds? oh mummy meanies are coming they will be mean at me and call me names, grow up. As for your reactions to someone asking for this forum not to be filled with junk or so called silliness, which actually boils down to horrible clawing desperate "please time look at me Tim I can be funny" bullshit, let me jsut tell you: Your comedy is horrible ugh, you make me cringe.
  6. Dude, you're being a prick, trolling around insulting everyone and ruining the forums, why don't you think before opening your useless gob? ooh ooh look at me posting in every thread and wasting everyone's lives with my inane and utterly pointless comments and awesome avatar , I'm so clever and big, I know everything ooooh oooh oooooh You don't even know what meek means do you? Just because you don't have any of your own dreams except maybe to one day beat a used tissue a battle of brain power, which I can tell you now will never happen.
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