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  1. Support me! I NeEd HELp!

    Lolz, yes I are funnies, I go make millions of LOLcats nowz thnx for hlps...
  2. A promise

    Oh god, I already own psychonauts on PS2, but now I am, like seriously going to buy another copy... or a T-shirt... and probably later this year when I have money... and when the exchange rates get better again... still, must, fund, Double, Fine, World, Domination, Plan!
  3. Support me! I NeEd HELp!

    I'm an emotionally demanding amnesiac that has a love/hate relationship with books. Why can't I learn Latin, Mr. Schaffing, or WHATever you are. Why can't I podcast my brain. Make your new magical RSS feeds turn me into a web 2.0 compliant hipster. Please!
  4. An inside tip

    Dude, CONFIRMED: I know for a fact that there will be giant ninja pirates with hamster cutting dudes whilst shooting dudes in the face, all the while casting magical spells, and writing emo poetry. AND ALL OF THIS WITH JACK BLACK! I LOVE THAT WHOLE DESTINY PICKING THING! AHAHAHA like the part when he like plays the guitar and hahaha so funnies...
  5. This guy at EB said...

    Subtle! There's nothing subtle about this, it's the truth and nothing but! And whoever said that I might be fake, I mean come on, my name says I'm not fake, I don't lie, I'm fair and balanced, I report, you decide... You decide that I am TOTALLY 110% right!
  6. This guy at EB said...

    I was hanging around an EB, where all the cool people hang it dawg, and I heard that the next game will involve Jack Black, and like it will be awesome, just like his last movie was, with like the funny mushroom word floating out of his mouth. And then, i like totally saw i youtube video of Jack black wailing his vocal chords on American Idol wearing a Kochamara shirt, which like totally confirms what that E.B. guy said. This like totally confirms that he's not just a fan that likes Double Fine, but a dude that like totally is making a game with double fine. I mean, totally awesomes mans! WooooW! I'm gonna go drink some more mountain dew and kick some screaming babies! HAHA!