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  1. All set! Klint swiftly resuscitated my original account, and now my username and I are skipping off into the sunset holding hands. Aww. If an admin is reading, you can take this thread out back and shoot it now; no use bloating the forum with my obsolete threads. Oh, and I'm now "ProggleRock." Cheers.
  2. Request sent. (Thanks, Headroom). I'll keep you all posted as the events unfurl. Stay tuned!
  3. I know what you're thinking. "Then how the hell are you posting, you twat?" Well, you see, I made this account because it was the only way I could get in contact with someone who could possibly help...me.....make.........an account. Crap... Just kidding. Actually, I'd just rather have the account I originally created for its alias, since I use it everywhere. But since that account is still awaiting activation (and probably will be for many moons since my current account activated so quickly that it actually sent me back in time), my oh-so-dear alias is off-limits. It's really not a huge deal, but I figured it's worth the shot. So any help from an admin would be super. Thanks. PS. Sorry for making a whole thread for a personal reason; I'm fine with it being deleted once (or if) I get help.
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