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  1. Fun Fact: They pretty much turned into the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I could be wrong, but I think all but one of the members of Savatage left and formed TSO.
  2. Some of those are a bit of a stretch, but good catches! I can't believe I missed the nods to Grim Fandango, lol.
  3. Honestly, who reads a manual these days? There's a reason why they're getting thinner and thinner. Though I'll probably read this one because there's bound to be some pretty funny shit in there.
  4. Yeah, they neglected to tell us that we could sprint, heh. I figured just moving counted as running, so I had to do some googling.
  5. Happy Brutal Legend Day, everyone! Hopefully mine comes in the mail today sooner than later.
  6. With whatever game I play, I always have to finish the campaign first. I'm kinda weird like that.
  7. Geez, people. A Double Fine forum should know what an adventure game is. Mine was Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. To this day it's still one of my favorite games. My uncle bought it for me when I was young (too young to play such a dark and creepy one as that.) I actually had to stop playing it because it gave me nightmares, but a few years later I started it again and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere and the characters are absolutely brilliant. It was the first time I was ever entirely engrossed in a world and with its inhabitants.
  8. My bad; I had to stop reading about half way through because it reminded me way too much of my former soul-sucking job. Can I at least ask why you won't say? I don't hesitate to warn people about my last job, or even jobs that may resemble it (i.e., anything involving a cubicle). I think it ultimately keeps me sane.
  9. This was great. Although I was afraid he'd been booted or something when he didn't come out after Drew Barrymore (as scheduled?). Segment after segment and no Tim. Sure enough they squeezed him in, though, and (sure enough) he was the highlight, despite the brevity. Rodrigo y Gabriela are pretty amazing too, though. And I agree that Fallon isn't that great. It might not be entirely his fault; the whole show seems pretty forced. Yeah, all late-night talk shows follow the same formula, but even when the writing isn't so hot, a good host can save the bit with his charm (ex: Conan O'Brien, IMO).
  10. I can't believe it's almost here. It seems like forever since it was announced, and foreverer since Psychonauts. The day a new TS game is added to my collection is a good day indeed.
  11. This is hilarious. Poor Activision wants their game back after the hard work (promoting it) is over.
  12. Is that a typewriter behind him? Are typewriters sexy now? Should I buy one?
  13. Oh, wow. I can't believe I missed the pirating pun. I'm so sorry, guys. It won't happen again.
  14. So pretty much every morning on my way to work, I hear a radio ad for Kohl's with an extremely familiar tune playing in the backround. It wasn't until this morning when I finally figured out what it was from; it's a total rip of the LeChuck theme from Monkey Island. So sure enough I google "Kohl's Monkey Island" and BAM!: http://continueonline.wordpress.com/2008/12/18/monkey-island-musical-theft/ So, two things. One: why do people continually think they can get away with stuff like this when the internet, you know, exists? And two: what the freakin' hell does a ghost pirate have to do with Christmas? (Not enough, I know.)
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