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  1. Concept Art! (?)

    So I love concept art in general, but Psychonauts is special. I can only dream what was left on the cutting room floor. And with the many talented artists in tow I bet it was beautiful to boot. I've stalked Psychonauts production art for some time, and I've come to the conclusion the internet is hiding said art as said art would be too awesome too contain. That is just the theory anyway. All in all I can only find a handful of low res items. The link below is the best example: (Link is crappy so you'll have to go to Multimedia, Image Gallery, Concept art) PRETTY PICTURES Does anyone know if this art exists elsewhere out there to peruse? Or if the Gods of the double headed baby are listening, any chance we can take a look at your secret stash? Smiles and moonbeams, -Josh
  2. Tim Schafer on Risk and Hope

    The last quote was brilliant and quickly added to my growing collection of Tim Schafer quotes. Thanks Sexy Robot!
  3. Concept Art! (?)

    Thank you all sooo much. Apparently my magic forum elf missed the great replies. Time for magic fairy elf BBQ while I stare longingly at the pages of concept art.
  4. I love your links gardenofeyes. They make me all warm inside. On my wall I have framed copies of the first issues all the cheesy 1990's comics starring game characters. Mario, Sonic, Zelda. The best is the Gameboy comic, in which a gameboy short circuits and the game comes into the real world. AMAZINGLY BAD. I read these and I'm instantly 9 years old again.
  5. I don't make art - the art makes me.
  6. Tim Schafer gave what sounds like an amazing speech at this years Lepzig Games convention. As Gamasutra eloquently stated of the speech: Does anyone know of place where we might be able to find an audio recording of this? (I know this is geeky but I loved Tim's last GDC speech dearly.) Oh, and here are two text summaries for anyone interested: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3162249
  7. I fail. I realized why everything I post here doesn't work - it strips out any non alphabet character. Editing right now so it works...[link above should be good now]
  8. Agreed - it sounds and looks amazing! If you never had a chance to hear Tim Schafers GDC speech about called "Adventures in Character Design" please click the link below. This is from the free podcast version the GDC released last year so it should be all legal like. They now charge about ten dollars for this speech which makes angels cry. http://www.welcometopixelton.com/downloads/GDCRadioPresentsAdventuresinCharacterDesign.mp3 [edited to work ] Enjoy!
  9. Concept Art! (?)

    Wow - both of those sound great! I had an old site that for some reason was said to have all of it provided by Double Fine pre-Psychonauts release, but every other page worked except that one when I found it. I contacted the owner in hopes that he still had them but no dice. I'd really appreciate if anyone finds more a quick link and maybe we can compile them here like a mini-art gallery.
  10. Concept Art! (?)

    Wow, this is weird. It seems like the same url. When I repaste the new link back in and enter it actually works. Hmm... Well, if you head over to the below, click on Multimedia, then Image Gallery, then Concept Art. There are twenty or so images and many show early stages of development. A few highlight Raz when he was called dart, and other when he looked liked a tiny Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: http://v2.razputin.net/
  11. I like Welcome to Pixelton (click me!). But then again I make it...so I hope I like it. But even if I didn't make it I would like it. I'm sure. Possibly. Okay, I'd probably hate my own comic but you should still take a look.