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  1. Setting. Far and away it's the setting that makes this game my favourite, and that's really true of all my favourite games I think.
  2. I love doing stuff like this. I should try this method some time. Once I beat STALKER on the hardest difficulty using only the knife.
  3. I still want an avant-garde metal goblin-clown army from space. Avatar with a keytar... oh yesss.
  4. I would like a storyline wrap up DLC, preferably just one. I don't want a lot of DLC really, I want to be able to move on from Brutal Legend and look forward to the next Double Fine game. Not that I won't still play Brutal Legend, but I'm not a multiplayer guy. So just a big DLC release that adds some more stuff to single player, and maybe a short wrap up campaign for the storyline. Something that leaves the world with some awesome metal stuff to do, like repeatable single player battles, that would be good. In the truly metal words of Impaled Nazarene, "ABSENCE OF WAR IS NOT PEACE." Metal is the sensory equivalent to battle, so the results of humanity's liberation shouldn't be limited to the peaceful things like making out and drinking beer.
  5. Something by Zimmer's Hole would be good, though the profanity censor option would probably have to remove any of their songs from the radio.
  6. Makes me wonder what kind of madness is in store for those who play on Christmas!
  7. Dimebag Darrell died on this day in 2004. One of the greater metal tragedies in recent memory.
  8. I thought the Ironheade symbol was Ormagoden's face (which would be the best), but apparently not. Drowning Doom's is the only one that made much of an impression on me, since I can't really remember what the others look like without seeing them in front of me. But the best is the "random faction" icon.
  9. Reapers and Tree-Backs. Brood are necessary as backup, but I don't really like them conceptually. I find the Reaper is really effective in terms of getting around the battlefield in force. I mean, a Tree-Back is too slow to maintain the double team when long distances need to be covered, but the Reaper has fantastic speed that really helps for multitasking, like if you need to protect a merch booth while launching an offensive. Going in on your own by flying tends to make you too vulnerable, and leaves me wishing I had been double-teamed with something. Problem solved. But when I'm bringing the pain down on my opponent, that Tree-Back is a fantastic finisher.
  10. Drowning Doom. Plant a tree in my back and I shall bring the power of doom!
  11. I've been defending BL on all fronts for a little while now, but man, it all comes down to "Bitches can't handle the metal."
  12. I was a black metal musician, with all my spikes and leather and corpse paint. Then I went to work at KFC, but they let me remain in costume. I worked the drive thru and it was ok I guess.
  13. Good. Now I may indulge in regular tellings of the true word.
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