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  1. Let's go step-by-step through this. 1. "brainiac". Ridiculous claim. Brainiac is simply a word, generally used in a slightly sarcastic manner to describe a smart person. It may or may not have come originally from the place you claim, but that's about as strong a link as claiming that someone telling someone else that they were adopted is a reference to Star Wars Episode 5. 2. "no one can hear you scream". Well, I'll admit that Alien may have popularized this phrase, but I'd be willing to suspect it's a lot older than that, and that Alien just piggybacked the concept. 3. "Firestarter". Dude. It's a word. If there was a book called "Car" would you claim that my car is a reference to that book. No. Duh. 4. "cloud". Grasping at straws here. The visual cortex determines processing what your eyes see. So clouding it would have just about as much to do with this so-called reference as me saying that the cloudy day I'm having today "clouds the sun". 5. HGttG. Ridiculous. Please base your speculations in some sort of fact. The concept of people escaping doomed planets is again, much older than that. 6. See #3. 7. Insane laughter is well-imprinted in the public's collective conscious, and has about as much to do with anything particular piece you pick as it does to do with turnips. 8. Fear of rats is old. Older than Lovecraft. 9. Rabbit hole. Now you're getting somewhere. 10. "Sasha! Milla! Lili!" Dialogue of this nature is not particularly uncommon and even IF it originated in the place of which you speak, that's like saying that every single piece of fantasy in existence is a reference to JRR Tolkien, or that every piece of Sci-fi is a reference to Jules Verne. 11. Can't really say about the thing in Milla's mind, don't really recall enough. 12. Ask not for whom the X tolls, it tolls for thee. Again, another good one. 13. Stuff flying through the air. This is probably the most ridiculous one yet. If anything, it's a reference to ACTUAL TORNADOS and not some crappy B-movie ABOUT them. 14. "Chicken of the Sea". Well, Chicken is a rerence to cowardice, and Elton's a sailor. Debatable if the confluence of words has any actual meaning, but I'm siding with coincidence on this one. 15. "Can you hear me". Well, gee. Maybe it should have occurred to you that this sort of language dates back to stuff like the telegraph, and indeed any sort of long-distance communication. It's a sort of "is there anybody listening on the other end" type of deal to avoid lost data. 16. Rising into the light. Old idea. More often associated with angels and God than some old movie about computers. 17. The Godfather. Now we're getting somewhere. Maloof is a pretty obvious parody of the Mafia boss, while his partner Mikhail represents the standard Mafia thug. 18. Don't really know much about the "in this dojo" thing. 19. "The most Dangerous Game". It's an old image, the idea of hunting humans. Not sure if it actually came from the most dangerous game or if that short story drew off of some mythology somewhere. In any case, another good one here. 20. Brains exploding. Again, you're grasping at straws. The idea of raw psychic power causing brains to explode is pretty commonplace, and I doubt it was any intentional reference on Double-fine's part./ 21. Revenge is best served cold. Either a misattribution on your part, or another case of "too common to consider a reference". Sources vary.
  2. I'm close enough to my chest with my e-mail address that I know what's going on with it. And what's going on is that Double Fine's blog has officially opened the floodgates of spam into my primary account. There is absolutely no reason to believe that an e-mail address would be made public by posting a comment to your blog. It is not standard to do so. It is especially non-standard when there is only a username field and no e-mail address field. And yet every single comment posted on your blog publicly places your e-mail address on the internet. Do you know what a spider is? It crawls the internet looking for things. Spam kings build spiders to look for e-mail addresses. One found mine. Overnight, I discovered that some twenty to thirty highly suspicious e-mails each with a URL appeared in my inbox, supposedly tied to the new year. It's certainly very educational, of course. Shows how dedicated and robust zombie networks can be. But I'd still prefer if it hadn't happened. And I am not happy.
  3. The bosses were never really intended to be hard. Every single one of them can be defeated in one or two tries simply by following the instructions the bacon gives you.
  4. Don't take their word for it. Look it up yourself. Go to the US Patent and Trademark office website today. Use their search feature.
  5. Oh yes, and you're gonna be the publisher, then, to make such demands?
  6. Whoa, isn't it amazing how wrong people can be... RTFF you fool! (read the freakin' FAQ)
  7. Well yes, I'll agree to that, but notice that Sasha and Milla never wear their Psychonauts uniforms... Ford's the only one. And even then, only when he's in the sanctuary.
  8. I caught something in the magazine article about Brutal Legend that was rather interesting... They say Tim Schafer intended to make the mood of this game practically opposite of Psychonauts, and continue alternating styles between games... Does anyone else see the fact that this might be a lead-in for them to make Psychonauts 2 after Brutal Legend is released?
  9. Generally speaking, EULAs have a clause forbidding subletting of the license. Portable CD players are NOT illegal. At least, not in the U.S. If they were, they would never have gotten patented. And then iPods would be REALLY illegal. Which they're not.
  10. Looking forward to: Portal, Penny Arcade Adventures, Insecticide, and Sam & Max Season 2.
  11. Nah, it shouldn't be TOO terribly difficult to breed unicorns. Just find the right gene from Narwhals, and splice it into horses. Granted, we aren't QUITE there technologically, but...
  12. Don't. At least not "Lili's". My god, the person is portraying her as a sex addict, for pity's sake! :angry:
  13. I might have liked the game if it weren't... you know... a really pathetic game. Humor does not a game make. Especially when it's not even very humorous.
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