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  1. Hey everyone, and welcome to a shameless self-plugging thread about this game we’re making called Gibbous. Gibbous is a classic 2d point and click adventure, and yes it’s a Lucas Arts-like game. It also is, as the subtitle so unsubtle-y gives it away, a loving spoof of everything Lovecraftian, and then some. The Story You get to play as two characters (well, technically three): Don R. Ketype Grizzled, jaded badass private detective Ketype is hired by mysterious patrons to seek out the dreaded Necronomicon, and that’s how the game starts out. How bad could things go, really? After all, it aint nothin’ but a book of some sorts… Don will cater to your noir needs, including describing how the rain pattered down on the concrete like a neurotic jazz band percussionist, sometimes without anyone around to appreciate his poetic similes. Buzz Kerwan Buzz is no more than a mild mannered cust... erm, librarian putting in hours at the Miskatonic University Library to pay for his belated tuition (he’s in his 30s, but that’s cool, man, y’know?). He accidentally stumbles upon the Necronomicon, and also accidentally turns his cat, Kitteh, into a… Kitteh ...well, a grouch, really. Kitteh is REALLY pissed off at Buzz inadvertently yanking her from her serene, illuminated state - everyone knows cats are buddhists. She doesn’t want to worry about stuff like death cults seeking out the very object that personified her; all she wants is to go back to a worry-free life of sleep and kitty treats. Thus, Buzz and Kitteh set out to find someone, anyone who can help reverse Kitteh’s transformation. Ok, ok, what about Cthulhu? This story doesn’t take place, as you’d probably expect, in Lovecraft’s 1920s. It’s a tale of an alternative present where death cults are popping out everywhere, all in competition to find the Necronomicon and awaken Cthulhu, a lot of them just to prove that THEY’re the real cultists, and the rest are just a bunch of posers. About the game... As I mentioned before, we’re going for that old school point and clicky goodness. All characters are fully animated, mostly frame by frame, but also combined with some cutout animation; all backgrounds are handpainted (which takes up a lot of time, but that’s the way to go as far as we’re concerned). The game will feature all known traits of the genre, and one I’m particularly determined to enforce: almost every possible combination of two items, whether in inventory or in the game world, will result in anywhere from one to five unique responses, so no more doing different actions just to have the same grating line thrown back at you. Of course, that takes a hell of a lot of writing, and makes voice acting a harder goal to reach, but, again, it’s something we really don’t want to compromise on. We’re developing the game in Unity. The influences! Gibbous is a love letter to HP Lovecraft, Tim Schafer, Alfred Hitchcock, Steve Purcell,Ron Gilbert, Karl Pilkington and some other folks. Not that we're big on sending love letters to dead people. The team! The team consists of three people: myself as a writer, character & background artist, secondary animator, game designer and music composer; a main animator who also does sfx and additional music, and a programmer. We're based in Tirgu Mures, Transylvania, Romania. Coming soon! Gibbous is expected to have a fully functional vertical slice demo some time this coming spring, and we definitely want to Kickstart the project, since you can probably tell it will take some finances to get a game like this going smoothly. So that’s that, looking forward to your feedback and I’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions, as long as they’re not about programming stuff or winning lottery numbers.
  2. well I said to myself I won't be posting around here til I get an Xbox just to make sure I really actually play the game. I got one yesterday, so yeah, whatever, don't port it to the pc. Ok I'm kidding, port it, port it.
  3. might I question the sincerity of those who go 'i dont WANT a 360!'?.. a gamer is a gamer. I think none of us would turn one down. I dont own one yet because of various reasons, the most important of all being a) new games are scarce here, b) they're twice the price they have elsewhere in Europe. But I'd buy one as soon as I could afford it, and I prolly will for my b-day or xmas. Maybe it won't be 100% for playing BL (omg is the acronym already being used?), but the game is one of the top reasons I'm considering it. Cheers. '
  4. come on guys, can no one tell this game is half hommage half spoof? take it like the friendly metalheads are dumb joke it'll probably be
  5. Well Im totally against leaking and everything, cause I too respect Double Fine. Also I'm a nice guy. but fuck whoever took the vid away before I had a chance to see it
  6. Hey I seem to have problems changing my avatar...even if I delete the old one and upload my new one, the old one seems to wanna stay for good...wtf?
  7. Liviu B.


    I'm just wondering how many of you listen to heavy metal . Because I for one don't. I think it's one of the most outdated genres ever (the specific heavy metal, high pitched vocals, lotsa notes soloing) and frankly there was a time I thought it was only legally allowed in Germany (Duck and cover). I mostly listen to rock, anyways, and there were some bands back in the 80s who used to rock (Anthrax, Slayer for example), but the high-pitched shrieking, gayowar imagery and all the rest of the kitchiness? No thanks. Nevertheless, if any company is to exploit that kind of imagery and subtly poke fun at it in a cute and entertaining way, it's Double Fine, so I'm just really curios about the approach. Now, to give credit where credit is due, some of these guys are real intelligent, tallented and funny individuals (Dio, Lemmy... I dunno about Halford ). They'll probably be spoofing each other or themselves, so it's all good. It'll probably be one of the freshest games in recent years thanks to the premise only, and I admit when I first heard of the Schafer - Heavy Metal - Jack Black combo, I kinda frowned myself, since the latter stopped appealling to me since I saw School of Rock and nearly passed out because of boredom, but giving it a bit of thought, absolutely unrelated to the fact that, like 99% of the forum, I'm a Schafer fanboy:), it's actually one of the freshest perspectives on setting and gameplay ever. But really guys.. who listens to Megadeath, Judas Priest and the likes anymore? (ok, Megadeth have SOME cool tunes). Because guys who do are usually those who frown towards anything rock specifically and musi generally have evolved into post-80s. I guess I'm just curios. PS I'm not trying to hijack the thread, keep it Brutal Legend-related, somehow. Oh and don't forget to mention the pc port, thanks
  8. Liviu B.

    Sexy g-man!!

    rocks!!!! congrats!
  9. Liviu B.

    The Impostor

    Of course you can. It makes my devious/pride sense tingle, although in a wish I really had one way, since my boss owns it, not me. Still, I get to doodle on it all day long, even though taking it home and falling asleep embracing it in a bed of rose petals and short cylindric raspberry-flavored candles isn't gonna happen real soon. But yeah, they're beautiful toys, man. Maybe that's why I can't see the graphire I have at home from all the dust .
  10. Liviu B.

    The Impostor

    ) I especially appreciate the 'devious' comment. Finally, after hours of excruciatingly burning wacom holes in my palms like some reverse usb2 jesus, my deviousness shone through. Now for some deviance. I'll be back!
  11. Liviu B.

    The Impostor

    hey, thanks for your nice comments
  12. Doesnt even the FAQ say they'd love to do PSy2 but it's all up to the publisher? Peddle it to the publishers..
  13. Those screenshots are wrong on so many levels. Anyway I have my doubts about SL being able to emulate what the fine team of DF came up with in Psychonauts, plus mixing it all up with furries and crap like that...wrong, horribly wrong. But that's just my 2 eurocents
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