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  1. what's your favorite kind of carbohydrate? mine is BREAD
  2. See poll above. If possible, please provide the following additional information: Your sex? Your approximate age? Is your belly button an innie or an outie? Is there hair on your belly region? If you have belly button lint, how does this make you feel? Your answers will contribute to the betterment of science. Thank you.
  3. your plot to assassinate me and take over my place as dfaf's sexiest man has failed!!!!!!!
  4. i just listened to this song 10 times on repeat and it is NOT making me any less emotional
  5. oh man i just happened to think of this story and it make me feel weirdly emotional and nostalgic for this stupid imaginary relationship i had with chris pratt aka myself
  6. Din fΓΆdelsemedlem luktar som en stinkande rumpa skrattar hΓΆgt.
  7. A Special Scene from the Making of "Donair Police: Exodus":
  8. um i got a razer deathadder but it broke after a couple years so now i have a logitech g500s