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  1. perhaps you could first calibrate the forumizer, decompile the author index, sploot the post aggregator, and then simply shlawpe the bagel?
  2. I get a real job…china white right here, you sell me you go by by there, yeah there’s a different set of rules we abide by here, you need a gun, people do drive bys here Lofts in Chicago .
  3. utterly fascinating this is probably my favorite spam message since "lofts in chicago"
  4. is it possible to bring it back and then change the author of the first post? or if that doesn't work, maybe bring it back, immediately lock it and just let noname start a new thread
  5. this sounds very artful, i approve
  6. And introducing That Guy from Baby Driver as Bookers
  7. u know which one bb hmm yeah perhaps i need younger actors Starring Justin Lautner and Miley Swift
  8. actually i feel like this would be a very good setup for a rom-com The Deal Starring Matthew Mcconaughey and Sandra Bullock
  9. ok i'll make u a deal if you're still sad and alone when you're like 35, then i guess i will marry you wow what a generous deal, hot the romance
  10. i would reply to this but i feel like you would get mad at me if i did so i won't doot
  11. why don't you like the things i like why
  12. gawsh, i done didn't mean anything by it, sun. i was simply tryin' ta demonstrate the utter depravity of sonic the hedgehawg fans, so what where you know what you're gittin' yerself into, kid.