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  1. What this thread needs is more videos of white men. I'll start working on one.
  2. You can only ticulate splines once, but I'm fairly certain you can reticulate them as often as you like.
  3. Google Reader: Me: It's finally here! Google Reader: Me: @#^$!
  4. Tried again and it went through. Only got one notification from PayPal, so I think all is well.
  5. Chrome on OS X Mountain Lion. Excessive clicking took me through signing into PayPal, entering my coupon code, clicking "Complete My Purchase" and... Got a 404 page. Did the order go through? Only laura@doublefine.com knows, as that's who PayPal said I was paying.
  6. All I want is to purchase a DF PAX shirt, but the cart page just refreshes when I click Check Out!
  7. Well, I was thinking about getting my own five subject notebook, but now that it's a homework assignment, I dunno...
  8. Neat. It would be interesting to see the amount of money contributed by each country, as well.
  9. Corel Painter. I brightened up a bit, so if it looked like just a bunch of black before (as it seemed to seem on CRT displays), you should try looking at it again.
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