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  1. Playing Little Big Planet 2 right now. I found some very good online levels last night, I even found one where you get to kill Justin Bieber. It was EPIC.
  2. I don't know. The first Psychonauts sold poorly because of god-awful advertising, and because most people at this time started playing nothing but Halo, Killzone, and Call of Duty (well, then again, CoD didn't become popular until 4, but you know what I mean). But mostly the advertising. Remember the magazine ad? That ad was the reason why I ignored it all these years, until February 2010, when I downloaded the game from the Xbox Live Games on Demand because I played and loved Brutal Legend (yes, BL was my first Tim Schafer game), and wanted to try Tim Schafer's other games, and as soon as I started playing it, I immediately fell in love. Anyway, Psychonauts 2 might sell somewhat well since the first has a huge fanbase and has had probably millions of downloads from Steam, Gametap, Xbox Live Games on Demand, etc. We'll just have to see.
  3. Unfortunately, Brutal Legend 2 won't be made because EA fucked Double Fine over and refused to let them make a sequel. But yet, EA still churns out endless amounts of sports games per year. *sigh* I might do a fanfic of what happens next though. Do you think I should?
  4. I have an Xbox 360 (never did have the old Xbox) and downloaded the game from the Xbox Live Games on Demand last year, and so I play the game using my 360, but whenever I pause, I always make sure I go into first-person view and then pause, because this method prevents it from happening 97% of the time.
  5. This. I actually hadn't watched the show when I first made this topic, I just looked at pictures of it and thought, "Good god, this looks retarded," and then I made this topic just to see how everyone would react and whatnot. Then, a couple months later, I decided to actually watch a few episodes and clips for real, and TBH, I'm not a fan of Adventure Time (but I don't dislike/hate it), to me it's one of those shows that makes me feel like I'm tripping out, but I like the characters.
  6. What's wrong with the PS2? There are a lot of good PS2 games. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Katamari Damacy, Psychonauts... Don't forget Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Resident Evil 4, Disgaea 1 and 2, Persona 4, Ratchet & Clank 1-3, Devil May Cry 1-3, Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter, etc. BTW, the Xbox version of Psychonauts is way better than the PS2 version. Well, actually, I never did play the PS2 version, but I heard that it was a very shitty port with endless amounts of issues, so that's why I got it on Xbox. Not trying to brag, but still...
  7. Funny, last time I checked, Double Fine isn't a pig. Time to get serious now. I haven't been playing much games lately, the games I've mainly been playing are Rock Band 3, and various SNES games. You would love my RB3 band if you saw it.
  8. Eh, it was funny, but not THAT funny. But then again, I can't think of any other funny games from 2010 off the top of my head. I mean, don't get me wrong, CQ was somewhat funny, but nowhere near as funny as any of the other Tim Schafer/Double Fine games.
  9. Are you on a quest to get some costumes this Halloween? If so, please stop by at this site: http://www.halloween-costumes.com
  10. I have the Eddie Riggs T-shirt and the DFAC book. (also, the Brutal Legend sticker that came free with my purchase, and the DFAC buttons and sticker)
  11. Congratulations! Me, personally, I liked Costume Quest, but I wouldn't say it was the best downloadable game of 2010, but still, congratulations!
  12. ^ About your signature, epic_brutal...Sorry to burst your bubble, but RATM is NOT metal. Sure, they're a good band, but they are not a metal band.
  13. I have not reached Rank 100, but I read that if you do get to Rank 100, you are rewarded a short video where I watched it on YouTube, it's really not worth getting to Rank 100 for.
  14. Guuuuhhhh...I really need to become active on this forum again... Anyway, not much has been happening with me lately. I've mostly been purchasing Retro Nicktoon merchandise from Hot Topic (and also T-shirts of various bands and movies), playing SNES, and that's pretty much it.
  15. Please don't remind me of Gamefly. I had a very bad experience with them. They always took forever to ship the next game whenever we sent a game back. Pretty soon, my dad sent them very profane hate mail about how they take forever to ship, and then they replied saying, "Thank you for your feedback. We will tell this to our manager and he will be happy to hear it." This is a true story. I'm not joking. It sounds crazy, but it really happened.
  16. Damn, a lot has changed since I left. I'm still keeping my username though.
  17. Nice. I really like your style. I'm thinking of doing some Costume Quest fan art soon. Sure, CQ isn't one of my favorite Tim Schafer/Double Fine games, but I still like it nonetheless. I'm thinking that the first time I'll draw one of the CQ characters though, is in this Double Fine group photo I'm planning on doing soon.
  18. I don't know for sure, but it was on the top downloaded section on the Xbox Marketplace and Playstation Store for a while.
  19. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but anyway, I'm back! Anyway, remember that one time when I made that topic saying I hated Adventure Time? Well, at that time, I hadn't actually seen the show. I just saw pictures of it and thought, "God, this looks retarded...", and I only made that topic just to see how you guys would react. But just recently, I actually watched a few episodes and clips of it, and TBH, I don't dislike or hate it, but I don't like it either. I'm actually in the middle with it. I wouldn't consider myself a fan, but I will admit that I like the characters Finn and Jake (there's just something about Finn that I like, even though he does look like something drawn by a preschooler), and I will admit that it's better than most of the crap we get on Cartoon Network now. So anyway, I'm sorry for causing you guys trouble in the past. I guess that from now on, I should watch something before I come up with an opinion on it.
  20. Oh man, I LOVE Jet Set Radio Future! I need to play that game again sometime.
  21. This is awesome news. I love all of Tim Schafer's games (well, the ones I've played anyway. I've played all of Tim Schafer's games except Monkey Island 1 and 2 and Full Throttle), but Psychonauts is my favorite of them all. Least favorite would probably be Costume Quest. I mean, sure, Costume Quest was good, but it wasn't anywhere near as good (or funny) as Tim Schafer's other games. Anyway, I cannot wait for this game to come out. Even if we have to wait 3-4 years for it, I still can't wait!
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    This is way too epic for words.
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