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  1. Sorry, I just got around to reading that KS thread and didn't realize you guys were getting spammed.
  2. I don't know, are we on rations? maybe I should keep these things for my livejournal....
  3. and watch the video.. thought people would get a kick out of this
  4. Tim has finally achieve a level of stardom high enough to be in a videogame!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stainlessgames/carmageddon-reincarnation?ref=live near the end of the video, you can see his skin spread out near the bottom of the page too
  5. I hate to seem to be defending those people criticising the art style before they've even seen it in a developed state, but that argument doesn't really hold water here. The reason low-res games could get away with having limited expressions is because the detail was low enough for the mind to fill in the blanks. When resolution gets higher, the artists have to work harder to make it seem expressive, which is why the Curse of Monkey Island characters had a range of basic expressions, and so on. If the original Monkey Island had been a high res game, they would have done more with those character animations - which is part of what makes the Special Editions feel a little empty in places. That said, it's not all about facial expressions. Grim Fandango's skeletons could only do a limited amount with them, but the great use of body language especially in the cutscenes (seriously, watch them again!) really made up for it. So there are a whole raft of things that DF can and will do to bring the characters to life, from various facial expressions to animation stuff to voice acting and clever writing. Since we haven't seen how any of this stuff will develop yet - all we have to go on is a basic lighting and parallax scrolling test - it's too early to know exactly how these characters will express themselves on screen. There might be some truth to it, I think Tim himself said the same thing about the special edition, I thought a lot of it looked rushed or low quality and that was most likely due to the budget. I think they did a marvelous job with monkey island 2 SE, I assume the success of the first one had something to do with it but unlike the first one, I played almost entirely with the new art, switching back and forth for nostalgia's sake.
  6. I guess I must not be not tripping balls then, because I see similarities in all his games, I never said that VanillaWare art wasn't impressive, I think it's very well done and very sleek.. It's very foreign to anything DF or TIM has ever worked on. but hey, I'm not an expert like you, obviously.
  7. I don't think most people here would be happy with this style, I think it's far too sleek. It's unlike anything Tim has ever worked on
  8. I actually love nathan's artwork, so I have no fear that he will do this game justice, I've commented before on the art but I wasn't sure what didn't sit right with me with the main character, I definitely think that it's art style should be flatter.
  9. absolutely wonderful style, I can see it come alive, make it quirky, quirk it up, bring on the noise bring on the quirk. and I can't say that I find the main character very likeable..
  10. yup, I've had that issue too it fixed itself after coming back from the ship though..
  11. well that did it, thank you, I'm not sure why I had it set to something else than application defaults..
  12. just bought it, I'm getting some graphical issues it just looks very weird with some weird clipping and issues with models running an amd 6850 with 12.1 drivers , on windows 7 32bit
  13. That is a great idea.. I think releasing the internal tools to the public would be a great idea, with proper documentation! I'm sure you guys can work some licensing deals too
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