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  1. That's awesome! LucasArts adventure magic back again? Yeaaaaaaa!
  2. I still want that awesome black Double Fine hoodie in size M but it has been out of stock for a year or more. Is there any chance it will ever be available again??
  3. Hi all, but specifically people who mind the Double Fine store! Would you mind responding to either one of the two emails I sent to dfshop@doublefine.com like a couple of weeks ago? That would be real snazzy. I was hoping you would let me give you some of my money, but seeing as you haven't bothered to respond, I'm starting to think you don't want it. Thanks PS. To anyone who has sent them email, do you think I should expect to get a response from them during my lifetime?
  4. No, you cannot. Some monitors, sure, but certainly not all.
  5. How about stay out of this thread if you're not interested in a PC version?
  6. I'm getting a bad feeling about this. I kind of doubt we'll see a PC version and if we will, it will be in a long time. I'm sad.
  7. Well that really sucks, as I'm exclusively a PC gamer. I guess this will be the first Schafer game I won't be playing, at least not any time soon. Maybe some day when there are Xbox360/PS3 emulators and stuff. I will never buy a console to play a single game, no matter how brilliant.
  8. PC, obviously. The superior platform that lasts, while consoles come and go.
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