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  1. - You should be able to wield your guitar like a bow and arrow -- shooting guitar picks at your enemies. - Instead of the typical level where you have to remain quiet as a mouse and avoid detection, there should be a level where you have to trash a hotel and if you don't make enough noise throughout the level, you lose. - A minigame or level where you go microscopic, put on needle skates, and travel into the grooves of a vinyl record, fighting off balls of static electricity and balls of dust. - A metal convenience store where you can buy dusty cassette tapes on the cheap, black light posters, incense, and beer. - A mingame where you battle a cow and/or shark.
  2. http://kotaku.com/gaming/riddle/a-mysterious-record-310265.php Please sell these records/players in the Double Fine On-line Shop. I'd buy one or two without thinking.
  3. I had trouble with that part too -- In Raz's Brain, Right? I found it easy to use the levitation ability to get up the tree -- but you just have to disengage it before you land on the path up. Otherwise you'll lose control and fall back down. So walk until you can't -- then use levitate to get over your obstacle, then walk again -- and so on. When you get to the top it'll be clear where to go.
  4. The above quote is a post from the general forum. Why do people consider it unpopular? I know it didn't sell well in the beginning, but after critics lavished their praise on it, sales picked up -- I believe a few weeks after its release it was the 10th best-selling game at EB. After that, sales leveled off at around 100k units according to a CNN article on Majesco. Not bad for an independent adventure platformer that got dropped on its head by Microsoft. This kind of game has never done well -- plus there was little to 0 marketing to go along with this thing -- it was word of mouth city! It did well! I don't have the figures, but I would make an educated guess that if Valve found it profitable to add the game to Steam, and it having been since released in European markets, plus as evidenced by the rabid fanboyism on these forums for better or worse (A Psychnoauts role-playing forum? Are you people serious? Yeesh.) I think that things are a little better. Why else would VU be interested in publishing the next Double Fine game? Not to mention that nearly every gamer I talk to regularly has at least heard of the game and has good things to say about what they've seen/heard of it if they haven't played it. Just a little rant post -- it's disheartening to see people downplay the success of the game that has made a lot of people think twice about the direction of good, creative games. I've lurked in this forum and seen people painting Psychonauts as an underdog game, when really -- it's helping to change the industry.
  5. Yeah, maybe that's what Double Fine wants you to think. The way I see it, the text isn't very bloody -- sure it's red -- but the whole thing looks a little too light-hearted for a serious franchise like Ninja Gaiden. I too could be wrong of course. Given the propensity of Double Fine's lead designer, Tim Schafer, to make jokes about a game's release, I could imagine the ruse of making a countdown page that hints at popular franchise that is separate from Double Fine's new project. The whole theory has a couple of big things going against it: A) Vivendi is slated to publish the game, not Microsoft. The only reason Microsoft would have any interest in posting a countdown page about the new Double Fine Game would be if it were to be a 360 exclusive. Given that Psychonauts was multiplatform, I'd guess that Double Fine's next project will also be for multiple platforms. 2) The timing's a bit off, especially since Tokyo Game Show hasn't started yet. (But since Double Fine couldn't announce the game in Germany like maybe they hoped, it's possible that they picked the next nearest industry mile marker). The one big thing going for the theory is the IGN post and the name. I'm interested to see what this announcement will be.
  6. Good thought, but as the IGN article says, the trademark was filed on August 10th 07 -- before the "Jack Black" rumor.
  7. Grim Fandango is one of a small handful of video games that my girlfriend will enthusiastically play and discuss. Others include Loco Rocco and the newest Paper Mario. So to answer the original question, I guess the attraction lies in a unique eye for interactive narrative and a surreal sense of style?
  8. Double Fine never made it clear as to exactly which part of the rumors were being "squashed". All that was said was: In other sources Double Fine designer Tim Schafer was quoted as saying that parts of the rumor were true... IGN's digging is available on their site -- it gives more credence to the original rumor in my opinion.
  9. The site speculates that this may be an announcement of the Double Fine game, since as they point out... See the post at Kotaku.
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