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  1. Well more practically it would allow you to go through the game again to get everything you missed without having to reget most of the stuff you already got. They could have it one of two ways. Have it so after you beat the game and the credits roll you save and continue a new game plus with most of the stuff you had when you beat the game (but not all of it because there are certain things you have to get for the story, like your fellow campers brains at the end) or they could have a part after you beat the game where you can continue playing to get everything even though the end of the game has already passed. They would have to change the end of the game to do that though.
  2. Actually I am not sure if "completion save" is the official term for what I am talking about. That is just what I and my brothers have always called it. What I mean is some sort of new game plus or something. I think some games have called it that.
  3. It was a great game and I could go on about how great it was but it is really pissing my off that there is no completion save that would allow me to play thought he game again with all the stuff I have collected. It is my first time beating it. I just bought it several days ago. I loved Full Throttle and Grim Fandango which is why I am on this site. I knew it was going to be a great game. But still there should have been a completion save. I know I am being an ass and focusing on one of the few problems of the game when I should be giving it the admiration it deserves but still. Completion saves people. Your games need them. Anyway my favorite level was definitely the velvet painting level. That was really cool.
  4. I have played Ratchet and Clank 3(but not the first two), Okami, Cave Story, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, and Beyond Good and Evil. I was really disappointed in Beyond Good and Evil. The game play was okay but not great and the story was alot worse than I was expecting. I really liked Ratchet and Clank 3. Oh I have also played the first Spyro, it was okay but not great. Cave Story is probably the best game on there. If those really are the best games there is alot of wasted potential in the Platforming genre.
  5. Which of those Platform games would you recommend? I enjoy the genre but no one else I know does. So I barely ever get to play them. Also it might be short but Portal is pretty much the opposite of boring. You are a disgrace to the Bosch name.
  6. I liked the ending theme. I hope alot more bonus maps are added. There is a button to import extra ones so hopefully some are made available. Also Geno for Prez what are your system specs? I bet you can run it and not even know it.
  7. I can say ass on this forum right? Anyway no one here probably knows what it is. That is why I made this topic. To let you know about it. It is a Japanese cartoon that is basically a children's action show like DBZ. The main difference here is that this show has good pacing, likable characters, and exciting fight sequences. So basically it is nothing like DBZ. If you can be bothered to watch a childrens show it is one of the most badass children's shows I have ever seen. I love how everything just builds in scale. So awesome.
  8. I have nothing against kiddy games. As long as I find the game fun I will play it and I enjoy many kiddy games. But I am of the opinion that you should start young people off on the harder games so they get better when they are older. You do not get stronger doing easy exercise and you do not get good at games playing easy games. You should have your niece play Ninja Gaiden and Counter Strike. Should is not going to be any good at them at first but no one is.
  9. I listen to Cake http://www.cakemusic.com Bad Religion http://www.badreligion.com/ and Streetlight Manifesto http://www.streetlightmanifesto.com/ alot. I have also been listening to The Clash. I also listen to way too much video game music.
  10. Now you must make one where he goes "BYAAAAAAAAAAAAH" with the laser coming out. DO IT IT IS THE LAW!
  11. http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/index.html It was already known that Snake was going to be in the game but the update itself is still awesome. Makes me want a Wii.
  12. Well to be clear I did not make this or any other ascii art. I just know where alot is and like to post it. I wish I could make it.
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