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  1. hey ho i just thought fans of psychonauts might like this little browser game. i love it it has some great ideas in it and its funny. actually it is a commercial page for cuddly toys but it all adds to the concept which is very nicely done, so i hope it's okay to post it here. enjoy ^^ http://www.parapluesch.de/whiskystore/test.htm
  2. oh damn you're right how could i confuse these dates?! i should get rid of this stupid maya calendar it always leads to misunderstandings. maybe the doctor can explain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY_Ry8J_jdw
  3. i always celebrate this day as a very special day because today, 6 years ago, on the 19th of october i had a very colorful ride on my bicycle to the software shop and even more colorful days following because me and my friend hofmann were sucked into the magic world of psychonauts!! i wanted to say thanks for these wonderful memories and please guys.. take care of your bikes!!
  4. someday this is gonna be the biggest pointless thread in history. Viva Europa! ^^
  5. yesss! finally we're back on topic btw.. did anyone consider jupiter's moon europa to appear in the excellent mystery game? i'd say yay its a hint! i just cant figure out the connection to tims world-travelling feet, yet.
  6. whooohoooo!! great style, great forum, but damn that "projects" button. now i am damned to visit this page every damn day
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