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  1. Happy Hannukah! Yeah, I know something about it too...
  2. Manni


    On April Ryan and DreamfallWell, then there's always Zoe Castillo, a new character from "Dreamfall", she's as great as April R. WHERE ARE THEY?! Oh and BTW hot - best. avatar. ever.
  3. Anyone have read a manga called "Uzumaki"? Because I'm really freaked out right now. I keep seeing spirals...
  4. These are really amazing costumes people, congratulation, awesome job! +1 to Respect for Ford sticking out of the ear! Too bad I don't have Halloween in our already-covered-in-snow Poland
  5. Manni


    Wow, I just can't believe in that o_o. Everyone I know is familiar with the series... but maybe it's because I'm running aroung shouting 'OMG TLJ IS SO AWESUM <3" once in a while . Seriously, there was a time, when I started every games-themed conversation with "have you played TLJ" and whenever someone replied "no", I just get my copy out of the pocket with "you will thank me later". Damn, I'm on TLJ-geek-mode again, sorry . Then how about Jade from "Beyond good and evil"? That would make the cover x1000 better .
  6. I've just finished "Gray Matter" from the mind of great Jane Jensen - wow, I've been waiting for this one so long and it's really weird now, when it's over. But the game is a gem, the plot, the setting, the characters and the atmosphere... worth the wait. And now I'm playing Whispered World. This one looks beautiful and very nostalgic...
  7. It's the middle of the night and tomorrow (technically, it's today, in, like, 10 hours) I should give back the assignment I've got from work (treatment for docummentary tv series) and I still haven't finished it yet. I'm totally worn out of ideas and can't write a word. I'm getting sleepy and tired. ()
  8. Yeah, Jhon's a douche. Back to the subject: Well, that's not making me cry, but it's always... I don't know... emotional? (not in 'emo' way of course ;P) And this, for personal reasons (I'm not much of a Coldplay fan though).
  9. Wow, that looks just... inspiring. Awesome. Sweet. Old-fashioned. Crazy. Beautiful. Smart. But most of all: ORIGINAL. I guess Double Fine won't stop constantly suprising me.
  10. Manni


    So good to see Raz, but also Layton, The Wanderer and Phoenix Wright at the same cover. And in such awesome style! Ethan shouldn't be there, though. They should give some realy cool character with actual personality, like Gabe Knight or April Ryan...
  11. That's sweet, the news about the sequel was posted on my birthday. Good sign, I'd say! Few years of waiting - mixed with frustration and impatience - starting... now!
  12. Hi! This is Manni, 24, from Poland ("whoa!"). Movie enthusiast, weak gamer (although my brother always cheers me up after another fail in GTA4 'you may suck in most games, but you are good with point-and-click adventure games!' - "wow, thanks"), even worse MA-thesis writer (can't write a word of that damn thing) and wannabe filmmaker/scriptwriter on a quest to make his first short. Ok, introduction thing completed, more to be revealed during the discussion. Hopefully I'm not making that many grammar errors, but if I do - I truly sorry.
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