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  1. personally i think that the idea of storing your various food items would have made things even more unrealistic. I mean its not like if you were in the middle of a fight you'd be able to go "hey, sorry Big Daddy, do you mind waiting a bit so i can eat some of these potato chips and maybe smoke a little? Alright thanks". Although i do agree that sometimes the vitachambers can give you the feeling that death is just the equivalent of saying "brb", especially when its in the room right next to where you were fighting, they're still useful at times, especially against the bouncer Big Daddies who take of 3/4 of your hp in 1 hit
  2. wow, that was so awesome I laughed the whole way through the psychonauts one, can't wait to watch the others
  3. Yeah, I've been a beta tester for years now and I quite enjoy it. It's not exactly the same things as QA cuz its not nearly as structured but it's still fun. The only downside is that you don't get paid, instead your reward is basically to be able to play the game sometimes even a year or so before it's released. However it looks pretty good on a resumé when you're going to apply for a job in QA. I have a friend who has already been hired by EA in montreal to work QA next summer and I might try to get a job there as well. Should be fun
  4. So completely false, and yet i find myself wondering if, by the compelling forces of irony, this actually will be the game
  5. yeah, as mush as Psychonauts was an exellent game, I doubt they would make a sequel. I have a feeling that Tim will once again serve up something fresh and amazing
  6. yeah, i agree, i'm good with only 1 comedic courtroom game
  7. Hi everyone I may sound stupid saying that I've been a huge Schafer fan only since psychonauts, but after playing the exellent game i then went on the play through as many of his classic games as i could get my hands on. My real name is in fact Nick and I'm canadian. I used to write a webcomic but had to quit cuz it was taking up too much of my time. I also read double fine action news every time there's a new post.
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