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  1. I'm finding that the Egg and TP stamps are supper effective, overpowered almost. You can really turn a two on three battle into a two on one. Other than that, the counter one is nice, but still not as good.
  2. I smiled - I loled ;)

    Don't know what you consider 'young'. Anyhow, they'll do what they can. If they don't fix anything but the text, that's fine. To be honest, I know that if they ever do patch the game it will be long after I stop playing it. So, for me it doesn't really matter. I'm just voicing my observations. So, moving on....
  3. Saving is broken...are you kidding me?

    That actually works for me. Good idea. I thought this worked and I was going to post this earlier, but I thought it only saved the first time you play. I'll have to try it again. If it works than that's a pretty good work around.
  4. Combat

    More holidays would be cool. I definitely don't want a Final Fantasy style game at all. Just slightly more customization and strategy.
  5. Costume Quest Text Speed

    I can read somewhat fast but like to read pretty slow. I tend to take my time. It's frustrating to be forced into reading at a fast pace. I end up missing the jokes cause I'm already on the next one.
  6. Costume Quest Text Speed

    Are they all speed readers? I can read the stuff but I have to do so in a way that I can't enjoy it.
  7. Combat

    An expansion would be cool. I wonder what they have in mind, if anything. I wonder how they feel about all of our comments. Maybe they just shrug them off or maybe they actually want or wanted to implement a lot of them but didn't have the time. Or, maybe they didn't want the game to become too complex. It would be interesting to hear directly from Tasha or Tim. They can't really be totally honest though, not yet at least.
  8. Combat

    You guys have some good ideas. I think your right that you couldn't have TOO much customization due to the length, but you could add more without it being a problem.
  9. What this game needs

    I would say a lot of the humor is not aimed at kids. I don't think some added combat options would hurt it even if it were for kids. Heck, why not have a 'kids mode' and a normal mode. That would be the best of both worlds. See the 'Combat' thread for discussion on that in particular.
  10. Combat

    Good ideas. It would be cool if you could swap costumes on the fly and if certain enemies had weaknesses etc. More costumes (think job classes) the ability to mix battle stamps, and more attacking and defense options would vary it up. Ooh, and status effects...yes please. You could still keep it basic in that there aren't any weapons, armor or items, I would just like a little more challenge and a lot more strategic options. It's all there, they just chose not to go that route I guess. Hopefully for the sequel. I do like the quick-time stuff, except the wiggle silliness.
  11. Combat

    What do you guys and galls think of the combat system. Post your likes, dislikes and suggestions for the next game right here.
  12. Saving is broken...are you kidding me?

    I'm pretty sure the majority of gamers out there have this exact issue. Two easy fixes and all will be good. Response?
  13. I smiled - I loled ;)

    You know, I was thinking about this. I come from an art school background where everything is torn apart and criticized OCD style. This can really hurt, but it can also be helpful if your willing to put pride aside and think about what people are saying. I know this game is Tim, Tasha and the rest of the teams baby, so sorry if I come off as a *******. Hope you can take my criticism and make something positive out of it instead of just ignoring it and calling me potty mouth names I also realize manking a game is ****ing hard. But if your a AAA developer, that's the world your in. Expectations should be met. OH, and yes, a text patch should be pretty easy to implement. The rest of the stuff I mentioned will have to wait for a new game...or free DLC (a man can hope)
  14. Saving is broken...are you kidding me?

    My first system was the Atari 2600 with Donkey Kong. So, yeah, but this is 2010 people, it's not hard to add a save button. And, when I was a kid I could afford to waste time, now, not so much. On the other hand, my favorite new game is Super Meat Boy. I don't mind a challenge, it's replaying something I just did for no reason that's annoying. Anyway you get the point. And I'm just trying to help improve the game...or the sequel, because I like it so much. I respect DF as a developer. I'd really love to work for a company like this so that I could give my input when it really matters...before launch
  15. One of the greatest games I've ever played.

    I also felt warm and fuzzy feelings. The game makes me smile like Super Meat Boy makes me curse (and smile).