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  1. Thanks David--glad to hear it. I hope this will be in Stacking right from the get-go as I plan to nab that right away on Steam.
  2. Yes, I am also wondering why the fps is capped at 30. Is it possible to disable the vsync so the game runs without this cap? A lovely game by Double Fine--would be even lovelier if we could get a patch or workaround to edit a config file or something to get rid of this cap. Regards, S
  3. Are there any plans to release Stacking on PC (specifically on Steam)? I loved Costume Quest on PSN, but I would love to see something as beautiful as stacking on my new PC setup if possible. Heck, I might even guarantee Double Fine a double dip (har har) if you do it. S
  4. I definitely feel you on that one. I was fortunate enough to work at Double Fine during the Psychonauts era and man was it a great environment. I think DF is doing a great job of not slapping the gamer on the hand in terms of your characters dying and losing progress. The few minutes needed to hit a quick save point is a minor issue. I'm eager to see what the next DLC title will be from DF.
  5. I personally remember the old FPS titles on the PC. I would quicksave by accident rather than quickload when I fell off a cliff. Nothing better than having your only save consist of your character falling to his/her death. Compared to those dates, I can deal. These minor irritations are passable. I think people posting here are giving criticism because that's what most people do on forums. The naysayers are a lot more vocal than the people that are too busy enjoying the game -- they aren't on a forum ranting about it I suppose.
  6. Bolded the issues I feel are more of an issue to me. Lovely game.
  7. I for one love the speech bubble concept as the dialog is more amusing when it's being read. I think Tim wrote it with this in mind. In fact, I'm pretty sure he said that in a few interviews as well.
  8. After more time with the PS3 version, I'm actually pleased with the overall performance. Sure, it can get a little spastic in terms of frame rate (for no apparent reason) it seems, but it's still definitely smooth enough to be enjoyed. A final patch adding a bit more polish to the frame rate and possibly enhancing the quick save system would be greatly appreciated though.
  9. Loving this game, but they definitely needed the gave to quick save after each fight and not just upon quest completion. It makes it hard to want to explore the world and makes me feel rushed to complete quests in order to ensure my game is saved. Please patch this in. It sounds like it should be a simple update.
  10. The stuttering frame rate effect seems to come in randomly and is one of the few gripes I have about this PSN release. I also hope that it is patched in, along with the speedy text that you can't control.
  11. I am also having a hard time keeping up with the automated talk bubbles. Please patch this to allow us to either slow down the text speed -- or modify so the user can push a button to proceed to the next talk bubble. This is going to be a big issues with non-gamers and younger people.
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