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  1. oh, that's a good camera. mine is canon EOS 5d. it's really great, but freckin expencive and i shouldn't be walking around with these kind of goods. i'm the kind of person who looses 14 sets of keys and 63 cell phones a month.
  2. hello ladies and gentlemen. my name is osumare. or it could be. at least i'm a girl and i'm 21 years old from a place far far away called norway. i go to artschool, i draw people and i dream of becomming a shapeshifter. oh, and i'm fond of the sound of people peeing loudly. i used to like italian, but after seeing the movie saló, it makes me sick. so does sushi, i can not stand it, for real it's horrible. one thing that is not horrible; snow. i like snow and i like rain, i get really uncomfertable and super stressed out when it's too hot. other things that stress me out: dwarfs, loud breathing and huge cars. things that do the opposite of stressing me out: sandwiches, the smell of fresh paint, green, good vibed people and sleeping. i love sleeping, it's probably my favorite thing to do. i think that'll do for now.
  3. all the lockers at my school are taken due to my lazyness, and now i have nowhere to put my superexpencive camera. so i walk around with it everywhere and the other guys think i'm super geeky and teacher pet for taking photoclass so seriously. i don't mind. but i guess i'd have more friends if i had a locker. i would also put some of the pictures i've taken in it, and maybe a bag of chocolate chip cookies.
  4. i think they are all awesome. but since i once dreamed i was visited by the captain (scott c.( not the actual scott c., i mean his comic.(or maybe it's selfbiographic and he actually IS the spitting image of the captain. i don't know.))) and we made the worlds largest burrito together, i'll have to go with tamdada: the amazing adventures of knight, 2hb, muscleman and crew.
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