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  1. Zander

    Vectored Goodness

    Like he's doing a real guitar solo? Guitar hero is as real as it gets. For some of us anyway. Also not a bad idea, I started doing one of gman, but I ended up stopping for... no good reason. Maybe I'll give the request a shot. Maybe do the Firestarters.. or Levitaters... or whatever they decided on.
  2. Zander Milroy I currently reside somewhere in Canada (Ontario), Either London or Newmarket. Back and forth quite a bit. I'm 17 years old. I spend the majority of my time (spare or otherwise) doing random art stuff, programming, webdesign, video editing/production and other generally wasteful activities. I registered on these forums for the soul purpose of posting a piece of fan art and maybe give a praise or two to Psychonauts. (Kickawesome game) I own a PS2 and an NES, both of which I play on a fairly regular basis. Most of my computing enjoyment comes from my Ubuntu Lappy. I enjoy eating BBQ Pringles, most of the time an entire can in one sitting. Only because Pringles are just so incredibly deliciously addictive. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my life and am hoping I can get good enough at something to get paid. I didn't read much of this thread so I'm not sure how much the average person is saying about themselves, or what for that matter. I'm going to assume I'm doing something horribly wrong. That's about it. Any questions?
  3. Zander

    Vectored Goodness

    This is probably my best shot at what you'd call "fan art" [Rockin' Raz] Enjoy? I hope so.
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